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The Sun: It Damages Buildings As Well As Your Skin

Odds are you already know that the sun can harm your skin, thanks to its ultraviolet — or UV — light. Did you also know that it can cause significant damage to buildings too? Thanks to the UV light and the heat it creates, the sun can damage roofs, walls and other parts of buildings, not to mention the furniture and things found inside it. Here is a closer look at how this damage can happen — and how you can help lower its impact.

Typically, the roof will sustain the most damage due to it being exposed to the sun more directly and more frequently than the walls of a commercial building. You may notice more issues such as cracks in the walls, warping of building materials, fading of the materials themselves, and blistered surfaces that can be caused by hot air escaping. Darker buildings and roofs tend to absorb more of the sun’s rays and heat up more quickly. They also usually stay warm longer than lighter-colored buildings and roofs.

To learn more about the damaging effects of the sun, check out the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by Reynolds Construction and Commercial Roofing.