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How to Market a Construction Company

It is true that every kind of business today needs some amount of marketing to keep it going for long term. When you start a new business you will be able to find enough work through friends and family. But growing that business steadily during its life time and expanding it will require marketing. Tim B Design – Construction Company Marketing can use offline construction marketing as well as online marketing to promote their business and achieve growth.

Offline Marketing

This is the more traditional marketing form where you use online channels like newspaper ads. You can have flyers and brochures printed and distributed in your vicinity. You can put up hoardings and billboards to promote your business. However, the offline marketing does have a few limitations like:

  • It would be hard to estimate the reach it has created for your business
  • It can be expensive to get billboards and hoardings done. You would also have to pay rent to get them displayed.
  • It may not reach the right audience who can give you business
  • It can be hard to estimate the ROI from offline marketing investments

Online Marketing

This is the more contemporary form of marketing employed by businesses to drive their growth. Also known as digital marketing it uses digital channels like websites, email, social media, etc to drive growth. Digital marketing can further be segmented into:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Internet marketing

Each of these segments are detailed marketing disciplines that can be pursued independently. The benefits of online marketing are:

  • It is easier to calculate the reach it has created for your business
  • It is a cost effective way of reaching out to more people at once
  • It can help you target the right type of people
  • You can calculate the ROI from digital marketing investment