Pool Mat: Its Importance And How To Use It

The pool mat is a product indicated for frequently wet places, helping to drain liquids. One of its main benefits is to ensure the safety of users of swimming pools, saunas, gyms, kitchens, laboratories, fishmongers, etc.

There are still those who believe that having a pool is a lot of work, needs space, and generates many maintenance expenses, in other words, a luxury item for a few. Nowadays, this leisure space is increasingly common, especially in residential condominiums, although it continues to be found in large numbers in clubs, hotels, inns, beach houses, and countryside.

Brazil ranks second in the world ranking of installed pools, behind only the USA. There are more than 2.8 million swimming pools spread across the country. Each year, around 70 thousand new swimming pools are installed.

Having a pool at your disposal brings countless benefits to users, starting with the quality of life. They offer moments of leisure, are environments for physical activities, provide social interaction and relaxation after a stressful day.

If the idea of ​​having a pool at home excites you, know that installing and maintaining it requires some care. There are rules to be followed in the construction, use, and maintenance of swimming pools. It is not complicated at all. Just follow the guidelines as a preventive mode.

The guideline also establishes essential guidelines to ensure safety for the use of the pools. According to the standard, some requirements must be met when installing a swimming pool, aiming at the well-being of users.

Emergency devices, which are used to switch off devices in extreme need, must be visible to users. Another procedure requested in the standard is to isolate the pool area with a fence and automatic locking gate. Thus, children and animals are prevented from falling into the pool due to a lack of attention.

It is worth remembering that the ABNT guidelines are indicated for any swimming pool, whether installed in homes, condominiums, or places such as clubs, hotels, inns, etc. Once the area for the pool is restricted, which comprises both the internal part and the area around it, a mat suitable for this environment is recommended. Non-slip floors can help. However, it always ends up forming puddles of water that overflow from the pool, and that can cause accidents.

Pool Mats are beneficial because it has to lift pins that assist in draining liquids. It is made of 100% virgin PVC, which gives it more excellent durability against the weather. Other features that cannot be missing in pool mats, and that the Itiban brand brings, is its non-slip action and treatment against the spread of fungi, which cause various diseases, such as ringworm.



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