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Tips and Advice from Expats Living in Spain

Being one of the most popular European destinations,Spain is also known as the top place to move to. The Spain way of life far surpasses other places which are why many people move to Spain to study, live, and work. Here te overall standard of living is higher so you are able to secure a better quality of life. If you are thinking about moving to Spain there are a few things that you should look into before the move. Here are five tips and advice I have picked up as being important points sice working as a real estate agent in the coastal resort of Javea.

  1. Learn to speak the local language. Take time to learn how to speak Spanish. Doing this will help you gain acceptance from your community and peers. Knowing the local language will also help you be able to understand menus, signs, politics, and popular culture.
  2. Explore your new country and get to know it. Spain is full of beauty and diverse cultures. Do some exploring outside of the major cities like Barcelona and Benidorm. Taking time to explore more areas of Spain will help you learn more about the country you are going to be calling home.
  3. Blend in with locals and their way of life. Relocating to a whole new country means that you are leaving your friends and entire support system. This can be a scary for most people. But if you begin to blend into your new way of life you start to gain new friends and build a whole new support system. The people of Spain are friendly, and many areas have a large expat community.
  4. Bureaucracy. Spain is a Bureaucracy, which means that decisions are made by state officials. This means that you should expect a large amount of paperwork when you need to apply or register for any permit of license. Often times you will have to revisit offices to make sure that you are still in the lineup. Make sure that you submit all your details and paperwork on time. You will need to learn to accept the system to help avoid unwanted stress.
  5. Adopt the timekeeping culture. In Spain, people work to live. Which means that they do not spend long hours doing pointless jobs. They also get up later and also eat later in the day. Their lunch time lasts for two hours, and dinner is not served until 8 or 9pm. Parties and Holidays last longer in Spain than any other country in the world.