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Summer Flea Removal Services

The warmer weather is an invitation to roam outside, not just for humans but for our four legged furry friends. As they happily explore they may pick up some unwanted passengers which can then invade your home, furniture and bite in to flesh. Wonderful.

Yes, fleas are keen to settle on your beloved and warm blooded Rover, Tiddles or Bunny and they have the ability to spread all over the house, anywhere that your pet goes has the potential to become infested, including their trusty humans. You can’t force your pets to stay indoors and you can’t turn flea detective and obsessively search their fur every time they take a walk or snooze in the garden.

It may not sound nice but fleas are a bi-product of warmer weather and taking in the fresh air. You or your pet may sit on a hay bale or old swing seat and not know that it’s a flea hideout. That doesn’t make you a bad or unclean person. There is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed if you find that you need London flea removal services.

If you or your pets start to scratch and itch, notice bites or hopping critters in the carpet then it’s highly recommended that you check for a flea infestation.

  • The 3 most common species in the UK are the Cat Flea which enjoys biting humans, the Bird Flea and Dog Flea.
  • They are normally around 2mm in size and are reddish-brown.
  • Fleas are flat backed and have no wings, just legs designed to jump.
  • Adult fleas live on human and animal blood. They are parasitic.
  • They like communal and active spaces.
  • They favour pet beds.
  • The lifecycle of a flea is approximately one month in summer.
  • Eggs become larvae which create silky cocoons around themselves before they appear as fleas. They use the vibrations from their human or animal host to break out.
  • The females live for up to 2 years.
  • They lay up to 1000 eggs.
  • It could be the eggs which cause the flea infestation if they fall on to upholstery or furnishings.


Please call in professional pest control specialists who will evaluate your problem, advise on the actions required and re-establish peace of mind. DIY pest control options may seem attractive but for a comprehensive, lasting and truly value for money service you must seek qualified experts who have access to treatments which aren’t in the public domain.

Good housekeeping helps to prevent issues and treatments will often include hoovering of affected spaces, washing of bedding and pet paraphernalia and ensuring that gardens are tidy. It’s also vital for flea infestation prevention that pets receive flea treatments as recommended by a vet.

If professional flea removal services are unnecessary then why are they in business? Pest Control Berkshire has seen several clients after they’ve tried to eradicate an issue and conceded defeat.

Don’t waste your time or money. Unless you are happy to co-habit with fleas call in professionals with the knowledge to evict your unwanted house guests.