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Installation of Solar Panels in the UK Helped in Clean Power Generation

There was ongoing good news in the UK since solar power had broken new records when it was able to generate nearly a fourth of the country’s electricity needs, due to the sunny skies and the relatively low demand during summer. As confirmed by the National Grid there were thousands of PV solar panels installed on rooftops and in the fields across the UK that had helped in generating low carbon energy.

Some experts had claimed that the unprecedented share of 60% of UK’s low carbon power came from solar energy, wind farms and nuclear power stations. This record breaking percentage for solar power happened in the UK on May 26, 2017, at 1 pm. This new record came as a reminder of what the UK can achieve if the government reverses its cuts on supporting for solar and continuously back clean technologies that can provide jobs, business opportunities and plenty of clean energy to last for decades.

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This record is considered a milestone where solar power had grown from almost nothing seven years ago, and Britain was able to achieve its first-ever full working day without coal power that started since 1882. Solar energy’s rapid growth is now overturning conventions since the demand of electricity for homes and businesses in the afternoon is now lower that night time demands. Government statistics are now showing that UK solar power capacity had grown enough to power 3.8 million homes.

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