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Why RO Purified Water Is Better Than Boiled Water?

There are a lot of ways that people have been using since a long period for water purification. It includes boiling water, RO and UV Technology purifiers and much more. In this article, we would primarily discuss about RO technology. Is RO purified water better than boiled water?

It’s very obvious that RO technology is a lot better than boiled water. In the following sections, we’ll discuss the reasons and try to compare both these purification methods.

Old Conventional Method

In the olden days, when there were no appliances available for water purification, we used to make water safe for drinking through the boiling method. Now this method has become redundant as we don’t get as much purity as in reverse osmosis.

Earlier when science was not that advanced, we used to believe that boiling water will remove all the impurities. However, the boiling method only kills bacteria, which are not immune to high temperature. That’s why this method is old and conventional, and it’s better to go with an advanced purification method like RO.

Bacteria Removal

When it comes to boiling water, it kills only bacteria, which can’t withstand high temperature. Water is not rid of microbes, which cause diseases. There are also a lot of chemicals and other elements present in water.

These water impurities can differ greatly based on the geographical location. So, we can’t rely on a technology, which only removes microbes from the water.We have to opt for an advanced water purification technology. Boiling water can’t eliminate the solids that are dissolved in the water. And it could get worse if you boil this kind of water. In this case, it can increase the level of contaminants by breaking them into smaller pieces and make things worse. Furthermore, boiled water should be consumed within 24 hours. Otherwise, there are chances that water could again get contaminated.

Dissolved Solids

If you are living in an area, where all the water sources provide only hard water, it’s really dangerous to use the boiling method. It would make water more impure instead of making it clean.

There are some chemicals like nitrates, sulfates, chorine and chloramines in water. If you boil the water in their presence, it might lead to a hazardous condition since consuming chemicals in minuscule quantities can lead to life-threatening diseases. Hard water can cause dryness and itchiness of the skin. So, it’s quite clear that boiling hard water for drinking purpose is dangerous.

RO Purifiers

Let’s discuss how RO works and what its effectiveness is when it comes to purification of water. Reverse Osmosis is an advanced technique that uses an RO membrane to remove all the solid impurities from the water. An RO actually pushes water through a membrane using adequate pressure and that leads to production of RO Water.

If you are going for an RO purifier, which is NFS-certified, then you would be getting very efficient filters that depend on your filtration needs as well. There are many kinds of filters used by these RO companies, which include Carbon filters, UF, UV filters and many others to remove every possible impurity in the water.

Considering all the above mentioned points, a water purifier with RO technology is always a better choice than boiling water. So, it’s obvious that boiling water is the old and conventional method. If you want crystal clear pure drinking water, then RO technology is the one that you should go for.