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How to Arrange Your Wine Collection at Home and Save Space

Investing in a home wine cellar is the first step for having appropriate wine storage. Storing your wines in an offsite self-storage space is also a smart idea. 

When you have the framework set up and set the right humidity and temperature, you ought to mastermind your collection in a way that always allows you to have easy access to the right wines.

Whenever you’ve settled for the type of wine rack to buy, how to sort your wine collection may bother you, as you still need to plan to arrange them to have more space at home. 

Tracking your wines as they age is an indispensable part of proper storage. 

5 Ways to Organize Your Wine Collection

The following are some tips to help you store your wine collection at home and create more space for other stuff.

Keep in inaccessible areas

The price point of wine determines when it should be consumed. Some wines are perfect for daily consumption, others are good for different occasions.

Consider putting away more costly wines at inaccessible areas since you may not always consume them. Keep ordinary wines on an eye-level rack to access them easily, the floor of the storage location, or the entryway of the cellar.

Arrange horizontally 

Wine bottles with corks should be stored evenly in your wine rack. When wines are arranged horizontally, their corks are well moisturized; this is key for effective long-term storage. A dried cork may cause untimely aging or seepage. Although it is not necessary to keep screw-top wine bottles horizontally, stockpiling them on their sides is a proficient way of keeping your wines for easy access and good space.

Vintage Arrangement

Organizing your wines by vintage is a sound approach to maintaining good space. Store them according to vintages. Get a list of vintage wines and arrange them orderly. 

Dot stickers can also be used to demonstrate the wines that can be used anytime – which means you can drink and effectively replace them. Meanwhile, non-vintage wines may be put aside for a pleasant supper.

Place in sections

If you don’t anticipate putting away your wines for a lengthy time frame, you can organize your wines in varieties. Also, this method of arranging your wine collection is suitable if you only have a few vintages. Arranging wines from red to white, from riesling to cabernet, can be a fabulous method of keeping wines together to provide easy access when needed.

Organize by producer 

When you arrange your wine collection according to their producers, you have easy access to them. In this era of online buying, winemakers are putting in more effort to properly assemble their brands. Sorting out your wine storage basement by their makers is another smart way to keep good track of the flavor of a specific bottler.

Wrapping Up

As a beginner in wine collection, a good organizing system is important. Besides, you can invest in collecting French wines. Finally, invest in a vineyard in Provence to get the best of French wines.