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8 Ways To Increase Property Value In Under A Week

Home Designs - Content LivingThere are a number of ways in which a property’s value can be improved. Many homeowners will plan ahead and ensure that not only is their property ready for the market but that it is designed in an appealing way, with style and quality that will attract the right buyer. However, as those familiar with the property market will know, things don’t always go to plan.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home quickly or would like to give it a last-minute boost to increase the return on your investment, there are a number of ways in which a property’s value can be increased, even within a week.

New Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint, especially a neutral colour creates a sense of freshness in a home. This sense of newness helps a property to feel like a blank canvas, one that is not only clean but ready for new residents, helping buyers to perceive more value.

Take It Away

The furniture and decor that you, as a resident, are fond of are much less likely to translate to value than space. This is why most estate agents will recommend removing as much of your home’s furniture as possible before opening a property for viewing. The perception of capacity within living space is most important!

Garden Escapes

Increasing your property’s number of rooms and making a garden space both more attractive and less upkeep can be done easily, residents only need to find summer houses and log cabins for sale. These outbuildings can be quickly installed, adding an immediate and luxurious quality to a property.

Plant Flowers

Tidying one’s garden space and improving it with fresh, verdant growth helps to boost kerb appeal, just as tidying a home’s interior does too. Flower beds that bloom with colour can also help to create a positive impression too, so be sure to pick out the season’s brightest.

Replace The Boiler

Energy efficiency is at the front of most property buyers’ minds, especially as energy costs rise. While replacing a boiler comes at a significant cost, modern replacements can offer exceptional value and even improve EPC ratings, influencing a property’s value.

Increase Light

While a week might not be enough time to expand window capacity or increase the amount of natural light in a living space, there are a few ways in which homeowners can improve their property value with light. Clear away that which obstructs light flow and ensure that rooms are as brightly lit as possible, preferably with natural over artificial light.

Replace Doors

There are a number of reasons why doors remain important for buyers, primarily having an influence on energy costs since newer doors tend to contain heat more effectively. However, they are also an important influence of kerb appeal and new doors means a better first impression

Update And Upgrade

Smart home features are increasingly sought after and even small additions, such as wireless charging stations and smart doorbells, can help to modernise a home and, as a result, improve its standing on the housing market.