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How To Create A High-Quality Home Cinema Experience

10 Ways to Make Your Home Theater More Awesome

Home entertainment is an important feature of any property and with projectors becoming more affordable and high-quality speaker systems becoming more easily integrated into living spaces, it is an ideal time to begin considering a home cinema experience.

Whether you are wanting to capture the magic of a cinema trip or create a stylish room within which to begin playing video games and streaming your content, there are a few basics that are fundamental to a long-lasting and enjoyable entertainment space, one that will also add value to your property. 

Foundations Of Light

Even high-quality projectors will struggle if they have to compete with ill-considered lighting. Both natural and artificial lighting can cause issues and projectors should be set-up within spaces that have as little interference as possible. 

This means making use of blinds and blackout curtains or, instead, establishing your cinema screen in a space that gets little light throughout the day. This could be a cellar or spare room, though many are now finding outbuildings like log cabins are suitable, as they can be customised to ensure they exclude light effectively.

Audio Levels

The considerations of audio are two-fold. Firstly, residents must consider that their cinema experience is duly established with great quality speakers and that they are set up in the right places. Surround sound systems are popular but often pricey. Thankfully, a number of modern smart speakers can easily be synced together over WiFi to create a high-quality and cost-effective alternative for residents.

Then, external elements, such as nearby properties must be considered too. This is because, if noise levels are too high, films are likely to be interrupted by upset neighbours.

Comfortable Space

Cinemas are designed with comfort in mind, with large chairs that may even recline. It’s important to take these factors into consideration at home, not only for individual viewers but for groups too, ensuring that there is a comfortable set-up for all circumstances.

One common issue is that screens are positioned too far from the ground, resulting in neck discomfort over time. Be sure that your screen is positioned as close as possible to level height with your viewing position.

Distraction Free

There are a number of potential distractors at home, from mobile phone notifications to the beeping of a recently finished dishwasher. For a high-quality cinema experience, a viewing space should be entirely distraction-free. While this might suggest soundproofing a space or ensuring that mobile phones are turned off, there are also other considerations to make too, such as room placement. Those that choose to place a cinema screen in a room adjacent to a busy street, for example, are likely to find outside disturbances an annoyance.

Budget First

Before you begin establishing your cinema set-up, be sure to recognise your budget. The right equipment for your space, especially for those cinephiles who want the best home experience, can quickly add up in price. If you don’t budget accordingly, you may find yourself with a great projector but no screen to use it with!