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Divan Bed Bases – Everything You Need To Know

Divan bases are phenomenal in the biggest sense of the word. They are able to double as storage and preserve any mattress. Additionally, these bases can be engineered to be navigated up even the narrowest of staircases. Despite this, divan bases are often not given the recognition they deserve.

Simply for their ability to create additional storage space, they have become something far more important than just a place to sleep.

What is a divan bed?

The divan bed has become one of the most loved and most popular beds in Europe. You can see examples at Cheap Divan Bed Sale Ltd. Not only are these beds useful, but they also provide a high quality sleep to those who have chosen to make use of these beds. Divan beds can be sold with or without mattresses. You can also opt for the inclusion of a headboard. Divan bed bases are essentially wooden boxes which have been upholstered, but they are built to last. They are sturdy and come in two sections or sometimes even more. These beds are even more customizable because you can choose to have these bases include built-in storage.

Will assembly be required?

You will be required to do minor assembly of your newly built divan bed base, but this is, however, minimal. There are usually two main parts to a divan bed base and they are sold with easy to follow instructions.

Are there different types of divan bases?

AS with any specialty mattresses, there are a number of different divan beds you can choose from. Each different base is designed to cater to specific sleep preferences. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular divan bases available on the market today.

Sprung top divan – these bases are crafted from solid timber and finished off with a layer of open coil pocket springs which run the entire length of the bed. Placing a second thin mattress on top of the base can increase the lifespan of your base. Ultimately these bed bases are designed to soften the feel of your mattress.

Platform or firm top divan – These bases replace the springs with a layer of padding. This gives the divan base a firmer sleep, which is not less comfortable than the spring alternative. This will be the better choice for those who like the feel of a much firmer mattress. You can either choose from a memory foam mattress or a latex one, depending on your needs.

Electrically adjustable bases – These divan bases are created with solid yet adjustable slats which are designed to hold you in position with the simple push of a button. These bed bases are powered by a motorized mechanism. These bed bases are designed to help you out of bed in the morning and as a bonus, you can also still opt for one which offers you additional storage underneath. As with all divan bed bases, these come in a variety of different sizes to suit all your needs and they are lightweight to boot.