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Fabric Storage Beds For Children – How To Choose

All parents will know that to successfully create a conducive environment for your little ones to grow and learn is all about storage. Neither you nor your children want to be falling over toys or sorting through boxes full of a mess in search of missing puzzle pieces. Here are a few easy steps you can take to create the bed bedroom for your child.

Discuss the room with your child

This is important. Your child must feel part of the decision making process. After all, it is their room. Ask your child to draw a picture of how they would ideally like their bedroom to be. This will often give you a different perspective on what their world is like. Think and discuss what your little one would like in their room to make it easier for them to play and pack away.

See the world through your child’s eyes

If you get down on the floor with your child then you’ll notice the world looks completely different from your child’s perspective. Almost instantaneously you will be able to see that some high shelves are out of their reach.

Make a list of what you need

The most important thing to do when choosing storage for your kids’ bedrooms is to make a list of their requirements and then carefully plan what you should pay attention to.

Draw up a floor-plan

Measure the bedroom and draw up a scale model using graph paper. Be sure to indicate the windows and doors. It is much easier to draw up the items of furniture separately and cut them out than it is to keep redrawing the room. By shuffling the various furniture items around the room you will quickly and easily be able to come up with a well-designed layout.

Allocate your budget

Be realistic about your needs and be willing to spend what’s necessary. Think ahead about every item you purchase, how long will it last and can it be converted into being appropriate for the next phase of your child’s development.

Choosing a bed

There are a number of options for choosing a child’s bed but the most obvious and most cost-effective is the fabric storage bed. You can find some nice cheap fabric beds in all sizes here. One of the key things you need to look at when buying a storage bed for your child is whether it is sturdy.  You will quickly be able to find a number of bed options online to suit any budget but the one thing you need to keep in mind is that children are quite hard-wearing on their furniture. Pieces are often used to climb on or turned upside down and climbed inside of. Pre-assembled kids bedroom furniture is often much more sturdy than flat-packed items only because their joints are mostly built using solid cabinetry building methods.

Before purchasing fabric upholstered storage furniture, make sure that all the drawers are on proper runners and will not tip the unit over if pulled out all the way. Check that handles are properly attached and will not easily break or be unscrewed by curious hands. Also, check for self-closing hinges or otherwise make sure that there is door catches to keep the doors on units in place.