Why Limestone Is an Ideal Stone for a Fireplace

If you live in the UK, you have access to a large amount of limestone materials. That is why you should choose this type of stone for a fireplace. Not only does limestone look great but you can choose from various colours and textures. By taking this approach, your fireplace surround will look as dramatic and also be functional.

After all, if you want to build a limestone fireplace in Gloucestershire to increase the value of your property, you want to make sure that it locally sourced. When you make limestone your choice, you are paying homage to the people who mine limestone for a living. You are saying that you are proud to live in the UK.

A Traditional and Historical Building Material

People in the UK are proud of their traditions and heritage. That is why the choice you make in a limestone is important as well. People who build limestone fireplaces work with a number of highly desirable products and materials. These materials include limestone such as Cotswold limestone sourced from Cotswold quarries. This lovely limestone is honey in hue and almost looks yellow. Therefore, it makes a striking impression when it comes into view.

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Anacaster Limestone

You can also choose another lovely limestone known as Anacaster limestone. This neutrally coloured limestone is greyish beige and adds a beautiful finishing accent to a surround on a fireplace. If you want a limestone that goes well with your décor, Anacaster limestone if the right limestone to choose.

You may also be interested in a Bath limestone. This limestone is coloured cream and is often used for all types of carving and building work. Therefore, this limestone selection is not often used in fireplaces. It is used more often in other types of building projects. Nevertheless, you may want to include this limestone in a room along with the limestone you choose for your fireplace.

Great Tew Ironstone

Another great limestone is called Great Tew ironstone. This type of stone material is blue-veined or brown-veined and is a great traditional selection. It has been used by limestone artisans for centuries. You may also like the standard Portland limestone too. This historical limestone features a fine grain and is light grey in hue. This prominent stone is displayed in such historical UK buildings such as St. Paul’s Cathedral or Buckingham Palace.

A Great Choice for a Fireplace

As you can see, you cannot overlook the obvious benefits of adding limestone to a fireplace project. Whether you include limestone for a fireplace surround or other type of building project, you will find that it is one stone that will satisfy your requirements when it comes to looks and durability. Look online today at the selection for yourself.

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