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Home Improvement

Ways to prepare for building renovation

Planning on how you are going to undertake your house renovations is good for its successful completion. The process prepares you and helps in estimating the cost in terms of budgeting and the schedule.

Renovating is exciting and allows you to get rid of stuff you no longer need and also replace old worn out items. The process is not without risk and for a first timer it’s good to be aware of the challenges.

Assess the current condition

This is the first step for every single renovation. It entails getting detailed assessment of the condition of the building such as health lead safety. There are special surveyors who are able to make the right assessment such as infestation, subsidence and drainage problems. The building report after the survey will reveal the extent of damages and helps you to have an idea of the expenses that will incur in the renovation process.

Dealing with the problem

An unused empty building will eventually start to deteriorate. Dampness can accelerate the process rapidly and make it inhabitable. It is also vulnerable to vandalism and theft by intruders. It is necessary to protect the building before beginning the renovation process. This includes covering any openings with waterproof sheets such as missing roofs and broken windows.

Applying for approval

Renovation is like a building process thus you require permits to get started. Hence it is important to get the right documentation before beginning. There are a variety of permits which include building regulations approval, listed building consent and planning permission.

The application could take some time before they are approved and this may at times interfere with your timeline. Although there are simpler renovations that do not require any consent and you could start immediately, a good example is converting a garage to a bedroom.