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How to Create Wall Arts with Extra Flare

Many people today desire to have wall arts created for their business. While some of them are looking to source images for their wall art, majority of them want to use their own images. However, when you are considering to have a wall art project done for you, there are some few things you need to know. The tips in this article are enough to walk you through the basics:

#1: Sizing Wall Art Space

You need to first check to know what size of wall art will be just perfect for your space. Start by carefully measuring your wall space from bottom to top and also from side to side. As soon as you have the right measurements, you can start determining what wall art size will properly suit your space. You could have an individual acrylic art piece, or you can also make a statement by mixing multiple pieces.

#2: Choosing Images

When starting your search for good wall art, always remember that files with a size less than one megabyte can’t be used in making a 20×30 acrylic print. Look for software that can increase the d.p.i. of the image. In case the file you choose is extremely small, then the software may not be able to increase its size, as a result of pixelation. It is quite difficult to increase a photo by more than 200%. Which means you may need to source for a bigger image to use.

#3: Go all out to source for premium images

There are many sites where you can buy images for your wall art, and there are some that offer unlimited and free images. We have compiled a comprehensive and broad list for you.

  • Shutterstock – this is the easiest and most popular place you can get premium images for your wall art. Even though they may be expensive, you are sure to find a perfect fit for you from the wide varieties housed on the site.
  • Dreamstime – This site has over 95 million images; you cannot go wrong. A package for $110 gets you 50 images.
  • Istock Photo – many images, but purchasing credits could be a bit complicated compared to other websites. You can buy photos on demand from between $8-$33 each, or sign up for a subscription that allows you a particular number of downloads per month.
  • Unsplash – This site is very easy to explore, but unluckily, it only offers a single download size.

In case these websites do not have what you need, then you can try a Google search using the terms “paid stock images” or free stock images.”

#4: Determine the medium to use for your wall art

It is not enough to just have your image, you need to also decide on which medium you will like your wall art printed. You need to choose the one that best complements your project and also fit your needs. You can choose to either have your wall art printed on acrylics or as metal prints.

Before you choose your wall art, make sure you approach a professional to help you out with the decisions and also with the materials. Don’t forget you can play down on quality. It will always speak for itself.