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Some Outrageous Bathroom Sinks

by Blake Lockwood, Interior Designer @ Decor Snob

There is more to bathroom sinks than the usual oval-shaped basin that is set on a pedestal or hangs from your bathroom wall. There are outrageous sinks for bathrooms that you should never miss! If you are updating your bathroom and the sink is included in your list then check out the following out of this world designs:

Aquarium sinks are novelty sinks that seem to be from the Animal Planet show “Tanked.” This outrageous sink is simply a rectangular sink made of fiber glass. Live fish, as well as corals, plants, and other water creatures, swim about as you wash your hands in the basin. There are actually different versions of the aquarium sink such as a toilet tank aquarium, an aquarium tub, and an aquarium shower stall.

Weird sinks have attracted men in China. Will you dare wash your hands in a sink with a butt? This outrageous sink is found in a public restroom and the sink looks like a regular oval basin except there is a lower half of a woman in front of the sink with the protruding behind! Definitely, this sink will never do in your home!

A bathroom sink that looks like a flowing waterfall is a huge hit in homeowners that would like to have a modern yet whimsical bathroom décor. This is a sink could be made of hard plastic or glazed ceramic that looks like a small slide. You wash your hands on the topmost portion of the slide while water drains to a hole located on the floor. This sink is definitely a bathroom centerpiece!

Sinks made of natural items are a very popular. It could be made of a large slab of natural stone, protected hardwood, glass and even cement. The goal is to fool the eye, the sink does not really look like a sink but it functions as one. There are a lot of materials that you can use as a bathroom sink as long as you can keep water in. Matching the sink with an equally-outrageous faucet should also add to the trick.

If you want to install a cool bathroom sink in your home then why not design your own? Take ideas from nature, read inspirational magazines and visit bathroom design sites like You may also look at great ideas from home décor exhibits if there is one in your city or region.