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Multi-purpose Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

Not all of us can have mansions with copious amounts of space and enough rooms to play hide and seek forever. Most of us have to make do with a two up two down, and that’s if we’re lucky. However, it does not matter what kind of space you have, what really matters is what you do with it. If you are clever and think outside the box about the area you have to play with, you can make some great rooms, which have everything you need, and more. We have spent a little time thinking about how to maximise space and here are some of our furniture ideas below:

Fold-down table with stackable chairs

If you have a small kitchen space, but still want to be able to eat at the table, there are several options out there. First, you can have a wall-mounted table which is basically attached to the wall as a fold-out flap. The leg could be a blackboard for all your notes and reminders. This is kept attached to the wall, until the time when you simply lift it up and the table-top comes out, and the blackboard drops down as a table leg. You can unfold the chairs and place them around it. There are also tables which have flaps on either side and open up to four times their original size. These tables come with foldable chairs which can be kept folded up underneath the table when it is in its flap down mode, for ultimate space-saving.  

Lift-top coffee table

Do any of you remember the old school desks? Where the kids used to keep all their belongings inside the desk safe for a day of learning. Well, you can buy a coffee table now with a lift up top hiding space beneath to keep all your magazines, or remotes, or all the more clandestine things. You can purchase a table, or make one, for the handier ones among you, where the tops of these tables can remain up so that you can utilise the space beneath while using the top as a work surface for your home office, for example.

Murphy’s bed

This is a great way to maximise space as a bed is one of the items in the home, which takes up the most space. A Murphy’s bed folds up and attached to the wall, creating an ample space. This is great for bedsits and studio flats and can transform any room in an instant. 

Self storage 

If you have to downsize, it may be worth your while thinking about having a unit at Self Storage in Southwark. You will be able to keep your things safe and sound and free up space in the house.


You can double up a shelving unit and a lamp. The lamp light comes in a square shape, and there are four legs on the corners of the light. Underneath there are several shelves which can be used for books or tissues, or whatever else takes your fancy.