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5 Fun activities to do in Aransas Pass, TX

Aransas Pass offers so many things to do and see—you can spend a weekend, a week or a year and not take it all in. And because so much of the attractions are natural, like coastal beauty, you can experience something different even when you are visiting the same location. That is why numerous people choose to buy a home here. When you live in Aransas Pass, or even just have a vacation home here, you can take advantage of all of it whenever you like.

5 Activities to Enjoy in Aransas Pass

1. Port Aransas Beach

The soft sand and lapping waves are a sure hit for kids, couples, families and individuals alike. Who doesn’t love hanging out on the beach? And Port Aransas Beach is one of the best beaches in Texas.

2. The Port Aransas Ferry System

Sometimes you want to get out on the water and experience it for yourself. While you can certainly buy or rent a boat, the easiest option is to hop on the ferry. It will take you where you need to go, and let you check out the water, the gulls and the views of the coast.

3. Kohootz Dolphin Encounters

Yes, there are dolphins in the waters off of the Port Aransas coast. And yes, you can go check them out. Just call up Kohootz Dolphin Encounters and schedule a tour.

4. Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center

The area around Port Aransas is an amazing place to do some birding, and this is one of the best places to do it.

5. Aransas Pass Aquatic Center

If you want to have some fun at a waterpark, here is your opportunity. Enjoy slides, a wave pool and more.

Live in Port Aransas

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