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Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without Draining Your Bank Account

It is the second month of summer and the heat keeps rising. The rain that cold fronts come with only bring temporary relief, but it is not enough. With the hot days absolute torture, it is tempting to get up and turn on the air conditioning. But what if you are tight on funds at the moment? Ottawa Home Builders has four ideas to keep your house cool and save money at the same time.

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  1. Use a Fan
    We at Ottawa Home Builders believe in starting simple. Just get out one of those small electric fans and plug them up. The best way to get the most out of their cooling is to plug them up in the windows. If you have more than one story in your house, start with the upper floors and work your way down with portable fans.
  2. Change the Sheets
    You might be wondering, how is this going to keep my house cool during the summer? Just go with us for a minute. The thicker your sheets, the more heat they will trap in. Switch out for lighter sheets during the spring and summer months. For extra measure, buy a buckwheat pillow or two to help the air circulation to your head.
  3. Let in the Night Breeze
    Ottawa Home Builders knows that the nights are much cooler in general. Depending on where you live, it could play into your advantage. Just open the windows at night and let the breeze do the rest. You can even take your fans and create a wind tunnel to force the perfect cross breeze. Do not forget to close the windows by the morning or else you will end up heating up the house again.
  4. Turn on the Grill
    Why would you turn on your grill in the summer to keep your house cool? Does that not do the opposite? Actually,¬†Ottawa Home Builders will let you in on a little secret. Your stove will make your house hotter in the summer. Usually, the smart thing to do would be to use the microwave. But if you have to cook something, go for your grill instead. It’s better to feel hot outside than inside the house.