Ways to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

With the advent of the Internet, if there’s one thing that we can be thankful for, it should be the rising awareness of essential things. At the moment, more people have realized the importance of getting sufficient and quality sleep.

If you go to ask your friends or family about the factors that they think are crucial to creating the perfect environment for sleeping, you will, most certainly, get variable answers. While some emphasize on a dark and cool atmosphere, others will talk about avoiding caffeine or electronics before hitting the hay. The funny thing here is that both these points are correct. To create the perfect sleep environment, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. Read on as we talk about the different ways in which you can fall asleep faster to wake up fresh and ready the next day.

Declutter Your Room Removing Unnecessary Things

Just ask yourself, what type of atmosphere would you like to sleep in? Would you want a calm and relaxing place or something that is overflowing with distractions? Exactly our point.

A bedroom is a place for you to sleep or spend time with your loved ones. It’s not a gym, so make a point to remove the treadmill from there. It is not the office either, which is why those work files need to stay at your workplace. And, it is definitely not your living room, so try to keep television or other potential distractions such as your cell phone out of your room.

Your main focus should be to make your brain think that as soon as you enter the bedroom, you are going to sleep. If you keep working or place a television inside, your brain will start associating the room with other activities that might make you anxious leading to difficulty in falling asleep.

Make Your Bed as Comfortable as You Can

The only way to ascertain a comfortable night of sleep is when you are actually comfortable on the bed in which you relax.

Many of us make the mistake of not taking into account the quality of the mattress on which we lay. It would be foolish not to make use of the technology that different companies are using to create mattresses to make sleeping as comfortable for you as possible. If your budget doesn’t allow you to change your mattress, you can always buy a mattress topper to give an additional layer of support as well.

The next thing that we would like to shift your focus is to is the pillow that you use. Your pillow should be soft and without any lumps to not make you feel like it’s digging into your skin. In fact, just like mattresses, there are pillows that you can buy as per your sleeping position. For example, if you are a side sleeper, it will do you well to invest in a pillow for side sleepers. In the same way, there are a lot of innovations that can help you attain that perfect sleeping environment easily.

Try to Make Your Room as Dark as Possible

It is true that a few people prefer the lights to remain on in some cases but, most people tend to sleep better in complete darkness. The reason being our body instinctively associates darkness with bedtime. This is the reason why you sleep during the night and remain awake during the day. Well, this is what you should do at least. In addition to this, a hormone that promotes sleep, melatonin, tends to be secreted in higher amounts in the absence of any light.

It can be difficult for you to fall asleep if there is an abundance of natural lighting or when you leave the lights turned on. You can also wear a sleeping mask before going to sleep to not have any visual distractions. Just take care to make sure that the straps of the sleeping mask aren’t too tight around your head.

Make the Temperature of the Room Optimal for Your Body

Every one of us has different ideas about optimal temperatures. While some of us prefer a chilled room with the AC put on full blast, some may like warmer temperatures for sleeping with just the fan on.

You have to make sure that you are able to create the temperature your body feels most comfortable in. Generally, moderate temperatures that aren’t too hot or too cold is preferable as you can sleep better and wake up without a stiff body. Yes, if you sleep in a room that is too cold, you might end up with body pain or stiff muscles.

Do Not Check Your Electronic Devices for At Least 30 minutes Before You Enter Your Bedroom

There is no doubt that today, we have all become very addicted to electronic devices such as mobile phones, kindle, television, and so on. But no matter how tempted you might be, you need to keep your eyes (and hands) away from these gadgets and devices. Make it a rule to not check your emails or social media at least 30 minutes before you go to bed.

You see, most of our electronic devices emit blue light. Due to this light, melatonin production in the body starts slowing down. This, in turn, makes the mind more awake instead of preparing it to sleep.

We would personally advise you to leave your cell phone out of your bedroom before you enter it. This way, there will be no distractions, thus helping you sleep effectively. Remember, you need to make your mind think that it’s bedtime. Therefore, this step is crucial.

All in all, these are just a few ways in which you can make sure you get a good night’s sleep without fail. If you are able to follow these tips vigilantly, chances are you will never have to worry about lack of sleep again. What else could you want?

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