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Turning Your Garden Into A Creative Paradise

Whether you are seeking to write a novel, looking to inspire your painting skills, or want a safe and secluded place within which to practice and instrument, your garden might just be the perfect place to find yourself. That is, with the right design.

Being outdoors has the potential to be inspiring but, as many will know, our gardens might require some fine-tuning before they become anything close to being a creative paradise. Thankfully, even with only a modest budget, such idyllic and inspiring settings can be created. To show you how, we’ve put together the essential considerations each homeowner must take to transform their garden, and turn it into the ideal location for their artistic endeavours.

Creating Privacy

Our gardens are typically exposed to the elements, which also means that they are exposed to the view of others too. For a creative process, this can be problematic due to the number of potential distractions that could occur.

Building a studio might seem unreasonably elaborate but it is a worthy investment for a creative pursuit because it allows a resident to have their own private space, one that enjoys the natural beauty of a garden while retaining its own privacy. Log cabins, summer houses, and annexes, for example, are becoming more popular for this very reason. Even sheds are being converted into art studios!

Source Of Inspiration

Once you have your ideal setting, you must work to make it inspiring. Gazing out at a deteriorating fence or brick wall isn’t going to get the creative juices flowing, for example. Bring the best of nature to your view, including vibrant and aromatic flowers, especially those that might do well all year round.

Other items, such as those that inspire the presence of creature company, can be an idyllic addition. Ponds can be the best feature of a zen-like space, while floral bushes can encourage the familiar buzz of bees and the flutter of seasonal birds.

Long Term Presence

Whether or not you plan to use your garden throughout the year, the setting you create will go up against all of the elements. For those hoping to store equipment and tools outside of the home, this is an especially important consideration since sudden changes in weather can drastically affect belongings. Ensure that any essential items, even those contained within outbuildings, are certain to be well-kept and ready for the next time you use them.

Think Of The Neighbours

While any number of creative endeavours can pose a problem for neighbours, it is musicians that most often get a bad reputation. Practising in an outbuilding is an ideal compromise but efforts should be made to soundproof your studio. If not, you may find your sessions interrupted by those wishing to complain.

Take a moment to ensure that your creative practice fits in line with your garden space. Even those with only a balcony have the potential to make a creative paradise but if paints drip between the floorboards and to the home below, you will also find yourself in trouble!