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Fill the home with warmth of love and heat

Chilly winters bring low temperature and cold winds which forces people to stay inside the home. Of course, you need to go outside if the work demands so, but generally people prefer to stay inside the warmth of home. Home can have one among the different types of heat stoves depending upon the availability of fuel and the requirement of house to keep the rooms warm. People of Harrogate know that the best heat stoves can be procured from Stoves Harrogate.

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Types of Heat stoves

Wood burning stove: This is one of the widely used heat stove. As wood is an easily available  fuel hence it is the most sought after heat stove, but it have a disadvantage that only wood could be used as fuel in comparison to  multi fuel stove where you can use a variety of fuels. Still, you must know as to which wood is the best to be used as fuel in the stove. The various types of wood and their quality are below mentioned:

Ash : It is the most demanded wood as it releases  good  heat and burns constantly and could be used immediately after being cut but gives better results if used after some time of cutting .

Oak: It also burns slowly and heat produced by it keeps the room warm for a long time but it should be seasoned for two years before used for burning.

Apple: It has the unique quality of not splitting and this wood is also known for releasing scent while burning.

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You can choose any of them depending upon the availability of the wood in your vicinity.

Multi fuel burning stove: As the name itself suggests, this type of stove can use fuels other than wood like coal, wood pellets. They do have a pan for ash which can be removed from time to time.

These are the two major types of heat stoves but you can find many more if you visit your nearest heat stove showroom.