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Decoding the basics about modular kitchens: Check top aspects!

Designing a functional and aesthetically-pleasing modular kitchen can be overwhelming and confusing, much like any other home upgrade project. The foremost step is to finalize the installation service, because you will need professional assistance to understand the layout and construction. The next step is to decide on layout, materials to be used, accessories like kitchen trolley design and so on. What are the advantages and disadvantages of modular kitchen? Which aspects need the most attention? How much should you spend? In this post, we are answering some of the basic questions in detail.

The good and bad of modular kitchens

The biggest advantage of modular kitchens is the use of space. You can choose to design your kitchen in the way you like – From the minute details like the use of textures and finishes for cabinets, to storage, countertops, built-in appliances, you can focus on all the relevant aspects effectively and can choose to customize all things. Secondly, modular kitchens are multidimensional. You can get to decide on layout and keep all things out of sight, which means that your kitchen will look cleaner and more organized.

On the flip side, modular kitchens can be expensive, and the cost of repairs can be high. For most homeowners, the biggest concern, however, is the upfront cost involved, although you will eventually recover the investment through features and functions.

The budget of a modular kitchen

The cost of a modular kitchen depends on the design, materials used, and other details like layout and features. If you choose to add built-in appliances, the costs will add up. At the least, you can expect to pay around one lac of rupees for a standard modular kitchen in India, but as we said, more elements would add to the cost.

Committing to a modular kitchen

A modular kitchen is like an investment, so you have to commit to the design for at least the next decade, which is something homeowners need to understand. Also, since modular kitchens are usually made of engineered wood and plywood, replacement is necessary after a point. The design has to be more about function than style, because it is one of the most used spaces in a house.

Finding an installation service

Well, there are numerous companies that can help in designing & installing modular kitchens, but not all are same. At the least, ask for a warranty on materials and check their catalogue, although it is possible to design your entire kitchen from scratch. Get estimates in advance, which depends on the design, materials, additions like countertops & appliances, and other things. Select what’s practical for your home, instead of simply liking a design for textures, colors, and finishes.