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Adjustable Standing Desk From AiTerminal – Single Motor

Buy standing desk from AiTerminal because with their very friendly electric desk frame yet with the quality of the trading range, they promise that all the money you spend will benefit. A thinking about you a beautiful and modern ending that will fit into any of your workplaces, transforming your standing work flow into an active working mind full of fun ideas. They provide DIY stand desk to revive the active lifestyle today.

First Class Quality

Their solid stand desk is powered by WFH up to 264 pounds, up to 1.26”/ s with ultra-low noise below 50 decibels.

Advanced Collision Technology

Immediately, if any obstacles are found, this stop desk will be turned off immediately to ensure your home office is safe and sound.

Seamless Conversion

Powered by a special single-engine, this stand-alone desk can change sit to stand within a seconds.

Quality certificate

All Ai Terminal power tables have passed ANSI / BIFMA / UL / EN527 / FCC for the highest quality assurance, meeting the highest performance standards set by the top authorized organizations.

Digital control panel

It includes two customizable memory settings, two USB ports to charge fully your devices while working. With security lock function to prevent accidental touch.

Benefits of buying standing desk from Ai Terminal

  • Reduce Back Pain

Numerous studies have investigated the impact of standing desk use on office workers with chronic back pain. Participants who spent an average of 66 minutes of their working day standing received a 54% reduction in back and neck pain this is observed in a project.

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease

In 1953 a study of bus drivers found that those who had been standing all day were at greater risk of dying from bus drivers who had been sitting on the ground for a heart attack.

After sixty years, a differentiation of 18 studies with nearly 800,000 participants came to the same result as the first bus driver study. What they found was that sedentary health was linked to a 90% increase in the risk of heart death and a 147% increase in the risk of cardiovascular events compared to an active lifestyle.

  • Low blood sugar and the risk of Type 2 diabetes

Standing 185 minutes after lunch, reduced employees’ blood sugar levels by 43% a small study of 10 office workers showed that. Participants also wore pedometers that were examined and found that there were no significant changes in body movements between the two groups. This suggests that lowering blood sugar levels was a function of standing compared to sitting.