3 or 4 or 5 or 6 – Which Sofa For Your Living Room?

The living room is a haven for you and your loved ones to relax, unwind and use as a common entertainment area for house members. This room often has basic furniture that encourages cosy seating, conversation, sometimes, even a lazy lie-in. With so many purposes in hand, it is important to choose seating from Wakefit like sofas or couches that are aesthetically pleasing and factor in all your potential uses without cramming space. Start your search with our indispensable tips to the perfect sofaset for your living room below:

  1. Size Matters

When it comes to picking the right sofa for your living room, it is important to consider the size first.  It has to be seating that fits comfortably within the space provided without cutting into other furniture like TV units or display shelves. While most of us run away from sizing and measurements for fear of messing it, up-it is safe to rely on the general rule of thumb of 2:3 ratio. Therefore, your chosen sofa must be two thirds the size of your living area. Then, to top it, if you decide to add a coffee table, it must be two thirds the size of the sofa. Simple!

Still not sure if you should opt for a 3 seater sofa or more? Plan the seating area by drawing out measurements on a big piece of paper- placing the sofa in allocated locations. Visualising it beforehand with the correct measurements can give you an idea if the proposed number of seating will work or not. Another tip is to review your personal lifestyle- do you encourage a lot of soirees at home? Do you have family that pop by often and stay over? Are you a couch napper or lounger? Having your couch purpose clear can help ascertain if you should zero into a lounger+seating or have seating that can incorporate a large number of people when you entertain them.

  1.  Style Sense

It is safe to say; your living room is the face of your house. It represents your personal style sense while meeting purpose. Whatever your style, incorporate it in your sofa design by using fabric, textures, colours, accessories that gel with the general vibe of your home. Some of the top favourite styles by sofa manufacturing brands like Wakefit are:

  • Napper sofas
  • Snoozer sofas
  • Amoeba Sofa cum bed
  • Dreamer Sofa
  • L shaped sofa with and without chaise options

Other traditional yet aesthetic styles that stand out and are offered by the market are:

  • French Provincial Sofas
  • Hampton sofa
  • Chesterfield sofas

Some of these sofa styles are bulky in shape and frame. Therefore, it is important to select styles that fit into your style sense, living room size and prove useful to your purpose.

  1. Colour

We’ve all heard of colour therapy and its benefits to the human body. But did you know, choosing colour themes from a colour wheel on furniture too can evoke certain moods? The first point to reflect upon is the ‘feel’ you are going for when it comes to your space. Do you want it to be serene and calm or bold and eclectic? Some colours can also make your couch look less bulky and blend well into the living room. Here are some colours that are known to influence moods while standing out in style:

  • Red: Shades of red are excellent to add a pop of colour to the otherwise blending colours in furniture. Red evokes a sense of passion and can be mixed with beige, black or grey furniture.
  • Blue: Shades of blue are used in living rooms to evoke serenity. Traditional designs often encourage buyers to go for a full 3+2+1 seater sofa set of the same colour, making it a block colour unit in itself. Why not have fun and include a single-seater, like the Wakefit single-seater lounger, that is comfortable, good looking and stands out in the colour blue? This not only adds personality to the arrangement but also adds an extra comfortable seating option.
  • Green: Induces the feeling of zen and relaxation. Opt for a mix of green sofa’s with beige cushions to create colour balance.
  • Brown: Chosen as the most common colour for sofa online, it induces a feeling of warmth and comfort and is perfect for a cosy yet stylish living room. Add a beige ottoman that allows you to extend your feet and relax while seated on the sofa.
  1. Fabric and Filling

Have kids or pets at home? It’s worth investing in a sofa design that has accident friendly fabric and firm filling that doesn’t lose shape quickly. So along with deciding style and purpose, it is important to focus on these two factors simultaneously to ensure it is long-lasting. A firmer sofa is suitable for those who expect guests around quite a bit as it offers great support when sitting upright and leverages the person when they have to stand up. A softer sofa is recommended for daily use creating an informal feel.

  1. Practical Use and Spend

Being the tenant of your own space, you are the best person to know the use of a sofa. Instead of splurging on a predetermined sofa with minimal functions, why not pick smarter and opt for couches that double in function too. Many brands offer smart and stylish solutions in the form of sofa cum beds. During the day, they fit in brilliantly as an addition to the living area. Mostly in the form of 3 seaters, they are extremely easy to use and transition to a bed in less than a minute. Opting for sofa cum beds with rectilinear lines and clean cuts ensures they blend in with any existing sofa seating. The 3 seater sofa price makes it the absolute go-to when one wants contemporary style at an affordable price.

Whatever your style quotient, imbibe the feel by choosing sofa online and accessories in your living room. Beach coastal, Inner zen feel, Victorian vibes, eclectic or eccentric, your living room is your canvas. Let your sofa sets speak your language of style.

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