Why You Should Go with Glass Balustrades [Maintenance Tips Inside]

Where most of the architects always prefer steel balustrades, many other options are available in the market. The point is glass balustrades are one of the best alternates to steel balustrades which not only delivers enticing look to your interior but also offers durability (with regular maintenance). Among three types of balustrades available in the market, most of the people always go with steel balustrades. But they don’t research well and avoid glass balustrades which are as good as steel. Here are some of the benefits that you will always experience with the installation of glass balustrades.

Low Maintenance:

The glass balustrades are installed with limited components. So, it’s never hard to maintain it and retain its durability for long. Being a major component of railing system, you can easily clean the glass periodically and retain its beauty. But you need to focus on the connections on a regular basis, as they get lost with the passage of time. Else, you can stay assured of its long run with regular cleaning.

High Security & Safety:

This is a big myth that only steel and wood balustrades can deliver you the best security. The glass balustrades offer you equal safety and security which you can achieve from other two formats. The high width sheet of glass doesn’t offer many gaps within the connecting poles,and hence there is a minimal probability of any trouble. Like steel balustrades, where you are provided with multiple rails, there is a wide sheet of glass that completely occupies the space.

Best Appearance:

Whether you accept it or not, glass balustrades offer the best appeal regarding outlooks. Being transparent/ translucent, the beauty of your stairs, pool, and terrace will remain uninterrupted. In comparison to other, the chunky feel given by the glass balustrades will make your interior appearance appealing and take it to the next level. Now, you have learned about the benefits of using glass balustrades over other options; you also require learning some basic maintenance tips. Below are some common ways to retain the quality and durability of glass balustrades.

  • The glass balustrades never demand high maintenance. To maintain the quality, you only need to wash the glass with detergent and water. It will help you retain its shine and quality of the glass.
  • Always keep in mind to avoid strong alcohol-based solutions for cleansing purpose. It will degrade the glass quality.
  • If possible, go with the wax coating on the glass that will add an extra protective layer on the glass balustrades and ensure its durability for the long run.
  • Keep an eye on the connections of glass sheets as they may get loosen with the passage of time. It’s important to attend them if you find any.

Well, the above-given information will be highly beneficial for you to beautify your home with the glass balustrades. However, if you like to earn more knowledge about the installation, buying tips and maintenance tips of balustrades, you can read This guide will help you learn all about balustrades.

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