Why Hire a Professional Engineer For your Restaurants Retaining Walls Project?

Most business owners who believe they’re quite handy make the mistake of handling everything as a DIY project. Although that can save you some few dollars, executing certain projects in your restaurant should be handled by professionals. For example, if you don’t want to affect the overall look of your property and the value of your restaurant by altering its general aesthetics, you should hire a professional engineer to handle your retaining walls project. Here are some of the reasons why should hire a restaurant construction company for your retaining wall project:


The engineer is trained to handle different terrains and types of soil. There are certain technicalities that come with the retaining wall design that you may not fathom with ease. Hence, just let the pro do the job and get it right the first time. Your role in the project is to discuss the details of your needs with the engineer and let him or her do the rest.

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The engineer has knowledge about a wide range of materials suitable for different types of walls. Once you tell him about your expectations, he’ll advice you accordingly on the right type of materials that can satisfy your expectations. For example, if you want a decorative retaining wall, you can’t invest in materials suitable for structural retaining walls because the functions of the two materials are different. The engineer will use his knowledge in deciding whether you’ll need paver blocks, natural stones, concrete, wood or metal in constructing the retaining wall after assessing your project’s needs and requirements.

Local Challenges

Since the engineer is experienced in building retaining walls in your locality. He’ll be better positioned to overcome the challenges of building retaining walls in your area than you. For instance, the soil makeup in parts of Dallas is clay, and thus digging up to 8 inches to place decorative retaining walls or 12 inches for structural retaining walls can be quite labor intensive.

Furthermore, building structural walls requires certain permits and approvals from the relevant local authorities. The engineer knows how to acquire these permits within no time making the process faster. You should also remember that structural integrity is vital when building retaining walls. Hence, knowledge of a proper structure is very critical regardless of whether you’re building a retaining wall for decorative or structural purposes.


The engineer has the knowledge of determining the right materials and correct installation methods than can achieve your desired design of a retaining wall. Without this knowledge, you may end up overbuilding or overspending on your retaining wall DIY project.


Retaining wall engineers know the technical drainage system, and thus will work carefully without tampering with the drainage system. In fact, improper drainage can lead to failure of a retaining wall. The pro knows how to lay the drainage tiles perfectly and design the retaining wall to ensure sufficient drainage.


You might not have the proper and most advanced tools for ensuring that your wall is level. A professional engineer is capable of ensuring that the wall is level and whether the retaining wall needs to be stepped so that it can accommodate the grade of your landscape slope.

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