What to Consider on How to Dress Professionally

There always has been a debate for the kind of dressing that one should come to the office in, and what should be avoided. While this means that there are standards that should be met in dressing, it does not mean that you cannot express yourself in what you wear. Some offices have a strict code for dressing while some others are flexible in the way people dress. All they ask for is a formal tone in your dressing. These pointers will help you know what you should dress in, whenever you find it hard to make a choice for dressing.

Represent your Personality

Your personality fits you permanently and it cannot be dropped or left at home when getting to work. You should look out for styles that complement you and make you look outstanding in a professional ambience and tone. The cut, the finish, the style, and everything else, should be a direct reflection of your professional image and should speak volumes about what you are capable of as an employee. A wrong choice of clothes misrepresents you or your character and ends up ruining your professional image.

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Choice of Colors

There are certain colors that are better to wear in the office than others. Some colors will generally look good, and won’t get to the extent of attracting any unwanted attention. Whether it’s the pants for gents or skirts for the ladies; red, navy, gray, and black will always do for you. You can throw in some ice blue suit occasionally. Tiger prints are a no-no for the office.


While going for the matching jewelry, find something that will not be functional, but that which will enhance your general look. Surely, chandelier earrings may not work as well as how the dew drop earrings would work for you. For office dressing, you should be careful to avoid looking like you are going out for a party or something.

Bags and Purses

Both men and women walk to their offices in bags or purses. When going to work, you may want to have a leather bag or purse, as it looks more formal than other bags. A bag should be big enough to allow enough space for your water bottle, a smaller bag for your money, and other personal effects. Walking in to your office with a flashy bag that is laced with bling might work towards ruining your image as a professional person.


Footwear mattes a lot in the corporate world. A great shoe fits well with your body type, clothing, and the color itself. Black, brown, and other nude colors work best for you since they go with almost all the outfit that a person may have. Avoid high heeled pencil inches as they raise more brows for your walking, than they would earn you respect. Wherever you are, even when seated on one of those minimal design seats, you will always love the feel of a good, formal, and comfortable pair of shoes.

The way you dress stands out to speak the volumes of all that is unspoken to you in your workplace. Ensure that you look stunning and respectable in the way you dress. It has been proven scientifically that first impressions matter a lot to many people. The first impression to be drawn from you is how you are dressed. The question of how you are dressed echoes more than what you say or speak about yourself. People are always going to judge the book by its cover. So, make sure that you outrun the expectations that people have for you by dressing far much better than how you would dress normally.


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