What is Dry Air Cooling and How can it Benefit Your Business?

In dry air cooling, the basic piece that powers the machine is the pump. It is the part that circulates water from the reservoir in the evaporative cooler. The water goes to the cooling pad, making it very wet. Then, a fan draws outside air and passes it through the cooler pad. As this air passes along, it gets cooled through evaporation.

The most fundamental thing is ensuring that the cooling pad always remains saturated with water as long as the device is operational. In case the water cannot cool down the air, there will be no evaporation and thus, no cool air will be released. Both the motor and the fan’s size are responsible for the quality of airflow you will get. It is, therefore, important for you to maintain or replace these parts whenever required if you want to extend the cooler’s lifespan.

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Advantages of An Evaporative Cooler


Unlike refrigerated cooling that dries the air in your workplace and makes use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment, dry air cooling works through natural processes. Therefore, the air that evaporative coolers release is not harmful to the environment and will not end up drying out all the air in your business.

Easy Maintenance

Dry air coolers are easy to maintain due to their simple design. They come in two parts- a fan motor and a water pump both of which are very easy to replace. These parts are neither expensive nor complicated and can, therefore, be fixed with ease. You can also do the maintenance on your own. The process of maintenance takes a short time and is also straightforward.

Minimal Operational Costs

One of the other major advantages of using dry air cooling is the operational costs, which are minimal. Since such a machine does not require electricity to operate its pumps and the fan units, the user will need to pay 50% less in operational costs as opposed to an air conditioner that requires electricity to run all its parts.

Offers Fresher Air

One thing everyone looks forward to having is fresh air. This is the primary benefit of dry air cooling. Since these units increase humidity, they will help you breathe better. This is great for those who live in very dry climates. The pads also act as effective filters when properly clean and maintained. They, therefore, help prevent airborne contaminants from entering the lungs. The pads can also help get rid of the urban ozone contaminants from the atmosphere, which is regardless of how dry the air around you is. With fresher air comes a healthier lifestyle, which means you and your workers will avoid getting respiratory illnesses. This could be very good for people suffering from conditions like asthma.

Low Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Normally, carbon dioxide releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. Evaporative coolers rarely release carbon dioxide like the other air conditioners that emit it in high amounts. This is eco-friendly and healthy for those breathing in the air.

It Adds Moisture to the Air

The mechanism by which dry air coolers work encourages more moisture in the environment. This is especially important for those who live and work in dry climates. Most air conditioners do the opposite; drawing moisture from the air, which can make it very hard to breathe. It might even lead to dry and cracked skin. Instead of drawing water from the air, they increase the moisture content.

As long as you keep your dry air cooling unit well-maintained, its lifespan will be extended by far. Buy one of these eco-friendly units and install it in your business premises and enjoy fresh and cooler air all day long. Your workers and customers will thank you for it, and you will notice an increase in productivity as employees will work comfortably without health issues that result from other air coolers.


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