Top Bamboo Floor Installation Tips

Bamboo is a kind of grass that grows faster than any other tree and harder than any known glass. The bamboo trucks are used to make lots of materials including furniture, bedding and the flooring material. Bamboo floors are visually appealing and durable if well-taken care. Here are a few tips on installing and maintaining the bamboo floors in good condition. There are several types of flooring made using the bamboo

The different methods used for harvesting and preparing bamboos result in different results for the floor. Therefore, you can have different types of bamboo floor depending on your preference. The common bamboo types include the flat grain solid strip, vertical grain solid strip and the strand bamboo.

Determine the installation pattern to follow

There are three types of installation methods used for the bamboo material. The most common is the tongue and groove installation. Bamboo strands are made in such a way that on the side there is a tongue, which fits in a grove of the other plank. With this installation method, you are sure to have a strong floor. You can also nail the bamboo to the sub-floor. The second common installation pattern is the click lock installation pattern. The bamboo strands come with a click-lock profile on both ends so that they fit into one another. It is stronger than the tongue and groove joints explained above.

Be Wary of the Engineered Wood

If you are looking for the real bamboo floor, ensure that you go for the natural bamboo strands. There are imitations made of engineered wood. While engineered wood is easier to maintain, it lacks the qualities of bamboo such as the feel and aesthetics.

Hire Reputable Floor Installation Companies

Many people believe that installing a bamboo floor is quite easy and attempt to do it without professional help. Unfortunately, the resulting floor ends up looking awful and may also be a risk to the occupants of the house. Hire a professional bamboo flooring seven hills has to handle the installation. They have the expertise and the tools to do it perfectly. You can also put them to task if the work is not done satisfactory.

Consider Installing Bamboo If Your Area Is Infested with Insects

For areas that are highly infested with termites and other wood borers, bamboo is a better choice compared to using wood. Bamboo is resistant to many insects and water. Therefore, it works well in coastal areas where there is high humidity. Water resistant is the reason why it was used as rafts in the old days.

Polishing Can Improve Its Outlook

You should polish your bamboo right after installation to protect it from discoloration and damage. Later, if you find discolored areas especially in the areas that receive lots of foot traffic, consider re-polishing the floor. It will serve you for a longer time than before and maintain its color. Bamboo floors are a sight to behold and very durable. However, the installation must be done perfectly for the floor to have these qualities. Use the above tips to get a high-quality bamboo floor.

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