Tips for Securing a Domestic Construction Site

Many homeowners carry out construction projects in their home without properly securing the site when they’re not around. It is important to make sure the area is safe once work has finished for the day, especially if the site goes beyond the grounds of your property. There are several ways to secure a residential building site and protect people from any danger.

Here are some tips for securing an area around your home.

Temporary Fencing

The easiest and most cost-efficient way of securing your premises is to install temporary security fencing or gates. This can be easily moved when you begin work so they don’t present an obstacle, when you are finished building for the day, all you must do is put the gates back in place, so nobody gains access to the area. If you require home security gates in Yorkshire, there are several professional companies in the area who can design bespoke site fences to cater for your needs.

Temporary fencing offers an excellent solution, your only other option is to erect a permanent structure to protect your site, but this would be too expensive and wasteful. Building a wall or installing permanent fencing doesn’t need to be done just to secure your site, you may decide after that you don’t need it and you’ll have to demolish the structure. You can rent temporary fencing at an incredibly affordable price from several companies in Yorkshire who provide professional services.

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Avoid Plastic Fencing

When securing the area, it is important that you use solid site security gates. Waist height plastic fencing that you often see used around construction sites is inadequate. It can’t be locked together, and it is easy to climb over, it doesn’t protect your site from unauthorised access. When hiring or buying security fencing, it is vital that you get gates of sufficient quality and height. They should be at least 6-foot-high, so kids have no chance of climbing over the top. The bottom should be properly secured to guarantee the structure can’t be moved and stands firm when tampered with.

Lighting & Signage

Your site should be properly lit at night to avoid any accidents, it also helps you to identify intruders. If they see that the area is well lit, they are less likely to try break in and steal any work tools or equipment which you’ve left there. You can also install construction signs on your temporary fencing and gates, this lets people know that they should avoid the area in case they get injured, it also reduces the risk of anyone trying to sue you if they accidentally get hurt. You can take pictures of the site and present them to the courts if necessary.

If you are working on a project at home, you should take measures to secure your site. The easiest and most effective way of doing this is to rent temporary fencing. There are plenty of companies based in the UK who provide solid structures than provide excellent protection from unauthorised personnel.

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