Tips for Maintaining a Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Much like any other piece of professional cleaning equipment, your walk behind floor scrubber must be continually maintained for optimal performance and longevity. These machines can be put through heavy abuse when the staff goes to work on hard surfaces, so it is no surprise when problems start to arise. Also taking into considering the costliness of repairing your equipment, the extra effort expended in maintenance is definitely worth it.

Take Great Care of Those Squeegees

The condition of the squeegee blades is essential since broken or dirty blades can leave ugly streaks on the floor. For the cleanliness of the square, make sure to check the solution to assure its cleanliness throughout the cleaning process. After the job is done, make sure to take the squeegee off the ground and let it thoroughly dry out to prevent internal parts from being damaged.

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Clean The Jets Regularly

Jets that are not cleaned regularly tend to have an uneven spray of liquid, which can lead to sloppy cleaning jobs. If there are major deposits of dirt and minerals, it needs to be cleaned out with a vinegar solution.

Only Use Quality Batteries

Your walk behind floor scrubber will likely have internal batteries that are required in order to function. Replacing your batteries with gel-based products will reduce the chance of spillage when charging. The batteries should be changed frequently and the battery charger itself must be regularly cleaned to prevent issues.

Those Dirty Brushes

The brushes at the bottom are exposed to the most amount of dirt and other nasty stuff, meaning that it is always due for a cleaning. Clean the bristles thoroughly, making sure that a buildup of debris is not present. If the brushes get too dirty, that can end up clogging up the internal components of the floor scrubber.

Keeping The Joints Lubricated

The joints of the machine are essential for moving it around, as well as the functions of its internal components. To preserve the joints and prevent the need to replace components, it is essential to lubricate it with a high-quality oil. Many manufacturers will provide a list of recommended oil types, but product suppliers should also have an idea which types that you need.

Using the tips above, your commercial floor scrubber should have several years of additional lifespan to be used for your business. When maintaining your machine, be sure to consult the owner’s manual to find out if there are certain procedures to adhere to when cleaning or repairing the product. If damage occurs to the product due to negligence, it is best to get it repaired as early as possible to save money in the long-run. These cleaning machines can be hefty investments, so it is wise to take good care of it to milk out several extra years of usage before needing a replacement.

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