Tips For Cleaning Your Wooden Cutting Board

Wood cutting boards are the most widely-used and classic type of boards that find a place in almost every kitchen as they are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. However, you need to take care of the cutting board as it is made of wood. The process of cleaning it is therefore different as compared to cleaning other cooking gadgets.

Before we proceed, it is extremely important for you to remember that wooden cutting boards are not meant for the dishwashers. This is simply because prolonged exposure to water and heat can cause the wooden cutting board to crack, split, or warp. Moreover, putting the board in the dishwasher will void most manufacturer warranties.

It is highly suggested that clean a wooden cutting board with warm and not scalding water along with a small quantity of dish soap and a soft sponge. Moreover, you should be gentle and at the same time scrub good enough to remove the debris and gunk off.

One of the biggest mistakes that most cutting board users commit is that they don’t take immediate actions to address stains. Removing stains from wood after a long period of time can be tricky and it is therefore always recommended to wash the cutting boards immediately after every usage so that the stain does not get too saturated into wood of the board. You may remove stubborn stains with fine grit sandpaper.

The wooden cutting board will soak some of the water and may naturally expand as you wash it. However, you can nullify or at least restrict this process by letting it air dry evenly. For this, you can towel off the board and then prop it up right or place it in a drying rack in such a way that all sides of the board are equally exposed to the air. You should avoid the habit of simply resting the wooden cutting board flat on the counter as it will make the bottom region of the board contract unevenly that may warp the board or even damage the glue joints.

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