Things You Need to Know When Selecting Bathroom Ceramic Tiles

Things You Need to Know When Selecting Bathroom Ceramic Tiles

Bathroom ceramics are versatile and they make the best bathroom floors. Unlike wood, ceramic does not warp when it gets wet from liquid or humidity.

Ceramic tiles of bathroomsarelong-lasting. These tiles allow you save as there is no need for you to make a replacement in several years to come. However, this does not mean all of them are the same. The most important quality of your home ceramic tile is its ability to last. The average lifespan of ceramic is twenty years.

Selecting ceramic tiles for your bathroom can be a daunting task given the many varieties available in the market and one may need to rely on some trusted supplies to help with the decision such as the Carreaux Metro ceramiques.However, this article will help youwith the things you need to know when selecting bathroom ceramic tiles.

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#1: There are five classes of ceramic tiles:

  1. Class 1 tiles: these tiles are good for bathroom walls and home finishing.
  2. Class 2 tiles: these tiles are good for places where people don’t go often like room for changing clothes in the swimming pool area.
  3. Class 3 tiles: these tiles are good for places that receive heavy foot traffic like bathrooms and bedrooms.
  4. Class 4 tiles: If you have a foyer, these tiles are an excellent choice.
  5. Class 5 tiles: these tiles are not often used in homes but in public places like school hallways.

#2: Bathroom ceramic tiles also have health benefits. These ceramic tiles are excellent for people who have allergies as these tiles don’t trap dust, pollen or mold. In addition, these tiles are fire-resistant, thus, making them an excellent choice for fireplaces.

#3:Bathroom tiles come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. You have to know the specifications for your bathroom, so you will know the quantity to buy.

#4:Also, budget plays an important role in selecting your bathroom tiles. The price of a tile depends on its thickness. Thicker tiles are costlier than thin tiles because they last longer.

#5:Don’t compromise quality by focusing all your attention on the style or compromise your budget by selecting the wrong class number. Balance the quality, budget and style.

#6: Choose bathroom ceramic tiles with lighter shades if you want a light and airy feeling. Bathroom ceramic tiles with white shades make the space in the bathroom appear large. Ensure that the style of your bathroom ceramic tiles reflects a bright mood. Make it attractive and lively.

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