The Benefits of New Windows

The windows fitted to the external elevations of our home are an integral part to how well our homes perform. Not just a medium for looking through, high quality, up to date windows are also responsible for ensuring that your home is energy efficient.

In this article, we’re going to explore the benefits of a new window installation, helping you to decide whether your existing windows are past their prime.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

This is a big one. The job of insulating your home isn’t solely down to the cavity wall and loft insulation that you have installed. Modern double or triple glazed windows which incorporate the latest technology will provide a measurable boost to the thermal performance of your home, helping you to heat it for much less.

  • The U Values of your walls will increase which in turn means that they are more energy efficient.
  • This increase in efficiency translates to more heat being retained within your home.

Increased UV Protection

The harsh UV rays which are able to enter your home through your windows are harmful to you, your family and your furniture. You will have noticed that any furniture left exposed to harsh sunlight quickly loses its colour as its materials and finishes are degraded.

Image result for a double glazing installation will eventually pay for itself

New windows incorporate an element of UV protection, preventing as many of this harmful UV light from entering your property. The result is a cooler, safer environment for you and your family.

  • You will find that your home is a much more comfortable place to be in the summer, negating the need to run air conditioning systems or fans.

A Quieter Home

New double glazed windows will offer an additional layer of sound insulation if you’re replacing windows with a single pane. In the same way that new windows insulate your home from a thermal energy point of view, they can also provide a boost by way of acoustic insulation.

  • A quieter home will help you to sleep better at night, especially if your property is situated near to a busy road.
  • A quieter environment is a healthy environment, reducing stress and other illness related factors.

Reduced Condensation

Condensation is something that blights many home owners and can lead to other undesirable consequences such as outbreaks of mould. Well insulated homes are much less susceptible to condensation because their internal walls remain warm, preventing warm moist air from condensing on them.

The health benefits of a dry and mould free home shouldn’t be ignored.

Order Your New Windows System

If your existing windows are more than 20 years old, now might be a good time to consider replacing them, even more so if they are single glazed. You will often find that a double glazing installation will eventually pay for itself when you take into account your reduced energy bills. If you’re in Harrow or anywhere else in Middlesex, simply head online and locate your nearest window supplier. If you need new windows for your entire home, you’ll often be able to negotiate a discount.

The benefits of new windows are not to be sniffed at. Take advantage of a new installation and see your home become a much more inviting place.

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