Some gas BBQ options for your Outdoor Kitchen

With summer approaching, having a barbecue meal for dinner is always a treat. There’s nothing better to help you unwind from a hard day while cooking in the great outdoors, finding out how each other’s day was. Hence a good grill is a must-have in the Aussie backyard and if you haven’t gotten yourself one yet, here are some things to take into consideration before purchasing your outdoor cooker.

The first thing you need to think about is how you want to cook your food: over gas or charcoal. The debate gas vs charcoal has always been on. Renowned chefs claim that the taste of charcoal or wood-fired barbecue is very distinctive due to its ability to retain authentic smoke flavour and moisture better. But the characteristic flavour of grilled food comes from the drippings, not the fuel. When those drippings hit the heat source below, the juices burst into the flame causing smoke to rise and coat the food you’re grilling.

Traditional charcoal barbecues require more time to get going, as the embers need to be hot to cook the food properly. So if you’ve got time on your hands on the weekend and you know there will be a party of people coming later, you can take your time to create that beautiful rack of ribs or a pull-apart brisket. But for any other weekday dinner a gas grill rules.

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Gas barbecues have become increasingly popular because they’re so convenient. They allow you to start cooking almost immediately since they take just 10 minutes to pre-heat and they cook quickly too.  Types of standard gas barbecue grills are the most basic and widely available type. They have a grill only and are great for a typical quick barbecue fix such as burgers, fish and vegetables. Most have two burners, but larger gas BBQs can have up to six at once.

Gas barbecue prices vary drastically, depending on the size of your chosen grill, the number of features it boasts and the quality of its construction. Choosing the wrong model could end you with one that’s unstable, difficult to cook on, and made from poor-quality materials that won’t last. Porcelain-coated charcoal barbecues are good as they tend to offer better resistance to heat and scratches and are harder wearing.

Here are three options to choose from when planning to purchase the next gas barbecue:

Beefeater Bigg Bugg Black BB722BA

The beefeater Bug had a functional design and built for outstanding durability. The bug is compact but big on technology. It features two steel burners, an easy to clean enamel coated hood and a large cooking surface. With its total height of 1075mm (lid closed) and a width of 1318mm, it fits perfectly into a small suburban outdoor kitchen.

BUGG is the versatile barbecue that’s perfect for all occasions. Cook with the hood up, for crispier and tastier grilling or pull the hood down for slow-cooked succulent roasts.

The Weber Genesis II E410 Premium Gas BBQ

The reinvented member of the hooded weber family holds four powerful burners in its porcelain enamel body. The Weber Genesis II E410 Premium Gas BBQ introduces the new GS4 Cooking System that ensures consistent pressure of the gas to create perfectly even heat. As the whole Weber gas bbqseries, this barbecue features GS4 flavourizer bars which allow fat and juices to fall safely past the burners, helping to reduce the chance of a fat fire. All the moisture that hits those bars will sizzle and create smoke to add that barbecue flavour to your food. With its bigger size, this grill is perfect to complete a large outdoor kitchen.

Masport SS4

The Masport SS4 comes at a compact size with four stainless steel burners and a side burner ring. Its special feature is a viewing window in the hood, which makes it easy to guard your delicious dinner. A roasting rack provides additional grilling space and allows food to cook with even, all-around heat. The Masport also features a two-door cabinet underneath the grill for better storage space.

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