Solar power kits the need of the need of the hour

The fossil fuels are not going to last forever. And whatever we have as coal when burned creates environmental hazards. Alternate and Renewable Energy is the only solution we have.  The different sources we have are hydel, thermal, biogas wind, etc. Among them, renewable energy solar power tops the list towards feasibility, cost, and durability. Solar power once installed would run for years together without any major maintenance. Of course, the initial cost for solar installations is higher, but the recent advancement in technology feed makes it more affordable.

The latest trend is up-and-coming, and customers are finding the utility much convenient. The installations are simple and quick with the kit. Your fuel bill is going to come down drastically. And in the ultimate analysis, you are saving the fragile ecology.

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The latest solar cells (photovoltaic cells) do not need sunlight. Instead, the heat is converted to solar energy. Finding the right solar power system for you is not that complicated. You need to calculate the peak hour requirement of power. Also, the surface areas available to convert the solar power to electricity need to be calculated. Then the utilities you want to use solar energy. Some appliances can be run with solar power besides lights and fans.

The reputed company Solar Advice Company is offering solar kits all over South Africa. Mostly solar cells converted solar power to Direct current electricity and stored in batteries. There are instances like solar heaters where solar power can be converted to heat.

If you are generating sufficient power, you can even sell it to the electricity company to connect to the grid. This hybrid system is already in operation in some places. A solar system consists of solar cells, storage battery, and inverter.

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