Solar batteries for your solar power grid

Solar panels work in the day time, as there is no sunlight during nights, so they are unable to work in the absence of sunlight. Therefore solar panels are unable to supply power during nights, also the same situation happens when the weather is not favorable, there is low or no sunrays like on cloudy days or when there is a dense fog. On these days or during night time we need power backup for uninterrupted household works. To avoid this situation of power failure, we can store the excess power produced during the bright sunny day with the help of solar batteries. The solar battery stores the excess power and supply it when the production of the solar panels is lowered or stopped due to lack of solar radiations.

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How does a solar battery work?

A solar battery is connected to the solar power grid and it receives input from the solar panel and the battery get charged, when the solar panels are not producing electricity the battery supplies power to the electrical appliances. As soon as the solar panel starts working the battery stops supplying the power and again start charging. In this way battery helps in supplying uninterrupted power supply and keep your electrical device working.

Factors affecting the price of solar battery

Solar battery price depends on the capacity of holding electrical charge. You have to pay more price for a battery having larger capacity and less for lower capacity one. While buying a battery for your solar panel you have to keep an eye on both your solar panel power production as well as on your household electricity consumption.Larger production of electric power and lower consumption by electrical appliances, needs battery with larger capacity to hold more electric power and supply the same for larger time  when the solar power grid is not working properly.

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