Simple Things that are Ruining Your Garden

When it comes to garden maintenance, most homeowners tend to focus on the parasites, public pollution, pets, and pests that are visibly ruining the garden. However, aside from being vigilant to these obvious enemies, you should also be wary of the simple things that are ruining your garden without even knowing it. These unexpected things are often overlooked therefore you should pay more attention to the following factors that can ruin your garden.

  1. Poor landscape design

It all goes back to the very first phase of gardening—the landscape design. If you love gardening, it can be very tempting to buy all seeds you can find in a garden store with your hopes high of growing bananas, avocados, cabbages, carrots, and ornamental plants altogether. However, as much as you wanted to make your garden a wonderland, you should keep in mind that having too many plants growing in your garden can heighten the risks of attracting pests and parasites that will soon start your endless dilemma.

  1. Planting a tree

No matter how ironic it may sound, planting a tree can also pose a threat to your garden. It requires a lot of maintenance and even a simple gardening activity like weeding out can affect the health of your tree. Aside from that, when one of your trees are infected with tree diseases, it can easily affect the rest of the plants in your garden. The large stump of the tree can also choke the life out of smaller plants, and the worst is that you wouldn’t notice it easily because it’s buried underground. The next thing you know is that all your smaller plants are wilting and dead while your tree is suffering from an infection that requires cutting down.

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  1. Using fertilizers

As a gardener, you can never miss buying a fertilizer or two for your plants. But using too much fertilizer thinking it would be good to the plants or it would speed up the growth of your tree can be dangerous especially if your soil doesn’t lack Canna nutrients in the first place. Hence, before you start using fertilizer, you might want to search it up on the internet to avoid dealing with problems associated with commercial fertilizers later on.

  1. Buying mature plants

If you are to choose between a mature tree and a younger plant, opt for a younger plant. The mature tree wouldn’t survive the journey home. Do not worry about the aesthetical appearance of the younger tree when brought into your house. It will yield beautifully unlike stashing a mature tree into your garden that will affect the appearance and overall health of the plant.

Now that you know the things that can interfere with your dream of having a lush and extravagant garden, you should make sure that you avoid it at all costs. Avoiding these factors will lead you into making better decisions that can keep your garden looking aesthetic all the while maintaining its overall health.

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