Shannon Rus: Tips on Keeping a Clean Home

While residential cleaning services have been around for some time, there are service providers that come into the market and shake things up with their style of delivery. One such residential cleaning services provider is Shannon Rus.  Her Heavenly Homes Cleaning service is making a difference in the way residential cleaning services are offered in Guelph and surrounding areas in Ontario.


Shannon has been in residential cleaning for 12 years. She trained professionally for this work and has consistently grown a list of satisfied clients courtesy of her strong work ethic. She says that the secret to keeping clients happy is being meticulous. When on a job, Shannon ensures that the home is clean from the ceiling to the carpet. She guarantees her work 100%.

Shannon Rus believes every home is unique just like its owner. She would know, seeing as it is that she is a trained teacher. She describes herself as a people person, content in making others happy by helping them maintain hygienic and comfortable homes. Here are everyday tips for keeping a clean and tidy home as offered by the best in the business.

  • All beds should be made

Your bed should be made after coming from the shower or after having your breakfast and heading out. Kids should be taught to do it as well.  All dirty beddings and other laundry should be put out as well. This keeps the bedrooms looking neat.

  • Clean the kitchen daily

The kitchen is the biggest attraction for pests, vermin, and rodents. This is why all dirty utensils and appliances need to be cleaned soonest after meals. This takes a few minutes but has a big difference. Load the dishwasher after everyone is done, wipe down the kitchen table, and finish up by clearing and wiping the kitchen counters.

  • Vacuum high traffic areas daily

Hallways, living room carpets, and carpeted stairways get a lot of debris; food, hairs, pet dander and dust each day. Vacuuming off this debris prevents buildup and caking, which is harder to deal with.

  • Do big tasks in bits

Instead of procrastinating and letting tasks pile up and become unmanageable, do things in manageable bits.  If it is laundry, for example, do at one basket in the morning before heading to the showers. It takes only 15 minutes but cuts almost 2 hours of work for the weekend.

These few tips can make a big difference in keeping your home hygienic, neat and smelling fresh all the time. Shannon Rus says it is the little things that matter.

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