Reasons Why Absence of Air Conditioner Maintenance Brings Harm

I can still remember the summer days way back when I was a kid, when I had no choice but to use a standard electric fan to cool my body down. During those days, I would marvel at the sight of an industrial fan when I attend indoor school activities where a lot of people are expected to come.

Those were the days when air conditioners are still so expensive that ordinary households cannot afford these cooling units yet. If you were not alive yet during those days, then lucky you, you did not have to go through those tough times.

In a coastal country like Singapore, it’s almost summer all year and you feel so helpless if you don’t have the right cooling equipment in your house. This is especially true during the summer months when temperature is at its peak. But if you don’t take care of your cooling appliance, chance are, it will be damaged sooner than you expected and you have to spend for an emergency expense to buy a new one.

Whether it is a room air conditioner in your home or a central air conditioner in your business, you have to maintain that unit properly to keep it functional and efficient. Better hire professional contractors to do this for you. Here are the reasons why regular effective maintenance are essential.

Installation problems will not be discovered

If you did not hire the right people to install your air conditioning unit, there’s a possibility that   your appliance was not set up properly. There are risks to bear if you installed it on your own ior you hire someone who is not experienced in doing this. One of the problems with improper A/C installation is the chance of having leaking ducts and undercharged refrigerants.

If the installation was improper and you don’t get regular maintenance for you A/C, expect problems to arise soon, like refrigerant that never works because of leakage and more.

Worn out components will damage the A/C

We know that parts of appliances get damaged by frequent usage and old age. Since an A/C is an electrical appliance, you cannot replace any of its parts without the help of professionals. Otherwise, you are exposing yourself to accident.

The electrical components of your cooling system like compressors and fan control wear and tear in time. Coils can get twisted so they need to be straightened after months or a year of usage. If not monitored and maintained, they will get damaged and the functionality of your A/C system will be affected.

Vital parts will not be not cleaned

Do you know that air conditioners can cause health problems? If the filters and evaporator coils are not cleaned regularly, allergens, bacteria, and mold can develop inside your cooling unit. These impure substances can be emitted by the air conditioner and inhaled by you and your family members. Moreover, the indoor air quality of your house will diminish, making your air conditioner a source of problem rather than comfort.

This can be prevented if you hire the right people to do regular air conditioning unit maintenance for your home or business. Make it part of your to-do list twice every year and you’ll not have to face  A/C problems that will cost you a lot.

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