Real Cost of Vehicle Charging Stations in Seattle

Electric vehicles appear to have eventually attained a strong position in Seattle. And with the ever increasing rate of appreciation of such vehicles, more people will expect to get accessibility to charging stations. It has been discovered that in Seattle today, a substantial portion of EV owners or drivers have their vehicles charged at home. Nevertheless, several other drivers are still in need of accessibility to a strong national charge point network prior to contemplating buying of an electric car. It is quite disturbing though that the extremely high installation and equipment costs presently interfere with the build-out of this kind of a network. As a result, there is need to come up with cost-effective solutions for the purposes of ensuring more investment in vehicle charging stations Seattle in the future.

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A few months ago, I was privileged to have interview sessions with several organizations that are considered high stake holders in the charge point infrastructure – inclusive of vehicle charging station firms, research and development institutions, cities, vehicle manufacturers, and utilities – to determine the truth behind the costs of electric vehicle charge point infrastructure. To my realization, the costs were categorized into different classes: mobilization costs; electrician and other labor costs; materials and other hardware costs; and the real charge point hardware costs. It is worth taking a note of the fact that this is a consideration of purely raw infrastructure expenses.

When an electric vehicle is being charged at home, the driver will highly likely be comfortable charging overnight by leaving the EV plugged into the typical household 120V outlet with the aid of level 1 charging system that come with the vehicle. It is true that there are some drivers who will opt for the level 2 charging speed as well as other unique features that characterize this alternative of EV charging. In Washington State, such drivers or electric vehicle owners will have to part with not less than $1,000 as the installation cost. More than 50 percent of this money goes into the charging station itself. The contemporary manufacturers provide level two household EV chargers at a cost of $450 which is way low in comparison to $1,000 plus which was charged for the same some years back. There are highly customized, and hence relatively expensive vehicle charging stations in Washington State, most of which have extra features including grid integration, smartphone compatibility and effective charge management.


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