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Tile Flooring has become an essential way to enhance the interior decor of your home. One would always wonder to invest in well planned yet alluring tile flooring, but to find this rare combination of both efficient and pleasing tile flooring, it becomes a restless job. Solving all the issues at once, “Refin Ceramiche” takes it to a whole another experience of finding the suitable tile flooring designs as per the requirements of the consumer. This Italian Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer offers a colossal range of solutions for residential and project planning destinations. From plain designs to the most beautiful Epoque texture, Refin Ceramiche provides versatile clothing for your floor.

Here are the tile design ranges that Refin Ceramiche provides:-

With the Concrete blend, from smooth finishes to rough surfaces with a very diverse aesthetic, they provide the countless formal options. Combination of BLOCK, MOLD, and PLAIN in the concrete collection, it wholly completes the fulfillment of the master plan.

Blocks are consisting Rock, clay, and limestone in its creation, drawing inspiration from concrete in the closest natural form.

Mold emerges with the skillful professional craftsmen’s work. The collection consists of gravel clusters of varying sizes scattered randomly and processed by various innovative techniques.

Plain concrete has shifted its place from construction material to a well-architected flooring material as masters of contemporary architecture. improve it.

GAJA– Right from the east, Refin brings you these pure and essential textures of GAJA allowing you to match the charm of natural material resulting in harmonious compositions. With the 3 dimensional look, Gaja provides with alternating heights in a bas-relief effect.

KASAI– A collection with “fire” a Japanese artisanal technique of burning wood has been the new emerging trend of recent times. As it brings the cultural values with the innovation, KASAI has provides the homage to Japanese design culture, expressed in porcelain stoneware.

ARKETIPO– The Arketipo collection will helps you to escape the sophisticated environment, with the feeling of purity and harmony, providing the natural look into the modern 4 walls. Consisting various designs and textures, Arketipo collection is the best choice for the people who love to be in more pure and natural places with the touch of modern lifestyle.

If you have decided flooring your home, Refin Ceramiche are providing variety which is very promising indeed and it is helping lot of consumers to choose the suitable tile flooring designs for them.

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