Oil Mist Extraction System as an Application of Air Integrated Systems

Oil mist extraction system is a much-needed application of the integrated air systems that aid in creating healthier processes, products and most importantly people. Most of the workplaces use machine oil as a coolant or lubricant for keeping the machine parts from wearing. Oil mist is the inevitable by-product of every machine from pumps, turbine, and compressors to any other industrial machine.

Why is Oil Mist Hazardous?

Oil mist is a health hazard which can affect the quality of the air of any workplace. It can have damaging effects on the environment as well as the machinery by getting coated over it and causing breakdowns.  Also, it can coat the products causing stains and contaminating them while rendering them unusable. Moreover, once the oil escapes the cooling or lubricating system in the form of mist, the quantity of remaining oil reduces. In short, thousands of liters of oilis wasted in the form of oil mist emissions making the oil replacement expensive as well as time-consuming while rendering the system inefficient.

Oil Mist Extractors

This is where the oil mist extractors come in. These systems are used to extract the oil mist from the environment of the machinery keeping your staff, machinery as well as the products safe while benefitting your business in more than one ways. Some benefits of the oil mist extraction system are given below:

Benefits of Oil Mist Extraction

  • Oil Mist extraction helps to improve the air quality of any workplace.
  • They improve the power output of any machinery by avoiding oil fouling which results in the air filter replacement and the usage of other resources like time and manpower.
  • Help to protect the products from oil coating hence saving them from contamination.
  • These extractors help in reduced cost of installation by eliminating the need for complex vent systems.
  • Help in reducing environmental pollution as well as enhance your business by reducing the amount of oil wasted.
  • Ultimately help in reducing the frequency of maintenance for topping up the oil levels.

The Oil Mist Extractor System and how it Works

The oil mist extractors can help to eliminate the oil particulates up to 99% from the discharge of the equipment. These systems may operate on a 3 to 4 stage filtration system. The oil collected by the filters is then returned to the system hence reducing the operating costs as well as oil wastage. Also, activated carbon filters can be added to these systems in order to eliminate any odor in the air.

Applications of Oil Mist Extraction Systems

These oil mist extractors can be used in many mechanical processes which may form oil mist as a result of agitation, expansion or compression of the oil within the system.

So, it is imperative to use an oil mist extraction system in your workplace to enhance the productivity by reducing the maintenance costs as well as avoiding the oil to get wasted so frequently while keeping your staff, products, and machinery safe. For more information on the integrated air systems, we suggest you visit the site:!

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