Natural Stone: A Popular Choice amongst Garden Designers

Natural stone is any type of stone that is taken from beneath the earth’s surface. These types of stones are quarried from the earth and are mostly used for building and for enhancing decorations on houses. Natural stones could also be used for flooring. They can be used for tiling inside houses or be used to make pavements outside houses.

The process of exterior flooring using natural stone is commonly referred to as stone paving. Most landscapers and garden designers use stone paving to create beautiful and stylish outdoor pavements using the different natural stones that are available. Stone paving flags are usually easy to install, and they come in different designs, colours, and types. Whichever type of paving you choose will create amazing exterior floor finishes that will give your outdoor a great look.

Benefits of Paving

  • They are very easy to install. The edges are nicely cut and therefore fitting each stone is easy.
  • The stone pavers require low maintenance over a long period of time. Once installed, it will take years before they require any maintenance.
  • These stones are environmental friendly. They are easily available and acquiring them does not damage the environment.
  • Natural stones are very durable. Years after installing them, they do not damage easily.
  • After their installation, you will notice how beautiful the finishing looks. It looks more appealing than any other flooring such as concrete flooring.

Types of Stone Paving

Sawn Paving

Sawn paving is types of natural stones that are cut out of large slab blocks and are made into small paving slabs. The paving stones are then sandblasted, brushed or even flamed to give them an elegant look. Some paving stones naturally cut themselves along a fault line, and they do not require any more cutting, but others require some slicing before being used. Sawn paving makes floors look beautiful with the finishes that they offer.

Granite Paving

This kind of paving gives floors a modern look and a great finish. They come in different colours and even textures to give floors an elegant, modern look.

Sandstone Paving

Most garden paving encompasses sandstone paving. Sandstone paving is available in different sizes and designs, and they are mostly not costly. Their design and size can fit any budget as long as you talk to an expert on the kind of design that you want.

Limestone Paving

This paving is mostly loved for its durability. It can withstand any weather and does not require any maintenance at all. They are quality paving stones that give floors a more traditional look.

Slate Paving

If you would like to combine a modern and a traditional finishing to your exterior floors, then slate paving is the right paving for you.

Talk to your natural stone supplier today to discuss a variety of natural stones for your exterior flooring. Your natural stone supplier will advise on the best paving for your garden. There are other types that are even more beautiful too. Your outdoor will never look ordinary with these high quality paving stones.

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