Looking to Install Glass Sliding Closet Doors? Learn What Glass Options May be Best For Your Space

There are many benefits to installing glass sliding closet doors. They can help to make a small space larger, they can help to reflect light and they can add a contemporary and modern element to the space. However, if you are like most people, you do not want to use opaque glass doors. This would allow any of your guests to look into your closet at any time or shows off a closet that may be messy. Instead, you want your closet to remain slightly private. Fortunately, there are glass doors that offer privacy. Here are a few of the glass options that may be best for closet doors.

Frosted Glass

One of the most popular options for glass sliding doors is frosted glass. Regular glass is coated in a frosted material that prevents someone from peering in. This gives the glass the appearance of being frosted over, meaning it is still white or light in color. While people cannot peer in through frosted glass, this type of glass still reflects light, giving it an open and airy feel to it. If you want to ensure everything behind your closet doors is hidden, frosted glass is a great option.

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Combo Glass

Another option that will work for glass sliding closet doors is combo glass. Combo glass is a combination of regular clear glass and frosted glass. Typically, this is done in a striped or blocked pattern. The bottom half of the door may be blocked off in frosted glass, with the top open using regular glass. Or they may be striped all the way down, rotating between regular and frosted stripes. Either way, the frosted glass, helps break up the open glass, making it harder to look in, while the regular glass helps to create more light. If you want a unique pattern on your door, this may be a great option for you.

Colored Glass

The last option for glass sliding closet doors is colored glass. Glass can be dyed many colors, including blue, gray or black. While the glass will still have a translucent look to it, the color helps to make it harder for someone to see in. As such, this is a great option for someone who has a relatively clean closet and doesn’t mind if someone catches a glimpse, but wants just a touch of privacy. The color also adds a unique element that can help the door to better blend in with the color scheme already present in your room.

If you are looking to install glass sliding closet doors in your space, Space Plus can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment and we can help show you all the different types of glass options that can be incorporated into your closet doors.

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