Ideas for a Refinished Basement

If you have been thinking about extending your home then you will probably have considered a refinished basement.  There are many reasons why this can be a good approach to improving the space in your home.  Perhaps one of the best reasons is that you will be able to stay in your own home for longer; instead of outgrowing it you will be building it to fit your growing needs!

Unfortunately it can be very difficult to visualize this space.  In its current form a basement will usually be cramped and dark.  You may not realize just how large a space it is or what you can do with it.  The following ideas will help you to create the perfect refinished basement:


Putting a kitchen into your basement will allow you to create the large kitchen you have always desired and to design it exactly how you want it.  This is a fantastic idea for a refinished basement for anyone who loves to cook.  The old kitchen can be converted into an additional bedroom or even a second living room; for the children have a space of their own.

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It is likely that you will have enough space to undertake a refinished basement that can be used as a self contained apartment.  This could be useful to help your older children gain independence whilst saving for a place of their own.  It is also an effective way at providing care for an elderly relative whilst retaining their independence and minimizing care costs.

Games & Fitness Area

If you have ever dreamed of entertaining friends with your own bar, pool table or cinema style movie screenings then the refinished basement could be just the way to do this.  It will add a fun and useable space to your home which can be used by everyone; independently or together.  In fact, a games or movie room can allow different members of the family to undertake their favorite activities without anyone having to sacrifice their time or hobbies.

In addition, the space will probably be big enough to create your own small gym.  If you are interested in staying fit, then no matter how you try it can be difficult to find the time to get to the gym or complete your basic training.  If you create your own gym at home then you will be able to work out in any free time you have; dramatically increasing the effectiveness of your overall fitness program.  It can even encourage your family members to become fitter.

Hobby Room

It is possible to use a refinished basement as a hobby room; this can be for fun or even for business purposes.  You will be able to set up space to create a variety of different items; for your home or to sell.  More importantly, if you have a dedicated space for this then you will be able to leave the projects between sessions and avoid losing parts or wasting tile setting up.

In fact, the options for your refinished basement project are virtually limitless.  You can have one large open room or many smaller ones; simply measure the space and use computer software to help you visualize the finished result.


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