How to Identify Bedbugs

Bedbug infestation identification checklist:

  • Human blood stains are often produced when the bedbug bites or is squashed.
  • Bite marks are visible after rest. These are red inflamed areas which often itch.
  • Bedbugs are brown-red-yellow and approximately 6mm long.
  • They produce a musty smell.
  • White eggs lie in crevices of the mattress or bedframe.
  • Brown dots may be a sign of their excretions.
  • Discarded skin may be detected. As they grow, bedbugs secrete skin.

Please investigate thoroughly, bedbugs don’t always remain in the crevices of the bedding or mattresses, they can infest the frame, surrounding furniture and venture in to power sockets.

Act on your first suspicion

When it’s suspected that bedbugs have made themselves comfortable in your home or business, a hotel or guest house perhaps, it can be mortifying, make you feel unclean and under threat. Don’t persecute yourself or your cleaning staff.

Pest control experts understand the immediate reaction to locating or even mulling over the possibility that you have a bedbug infestation but they urge you to take a very deep breath and check for definite clues. Then call in a professional pest control specialist who will resolve your issue cost effectively, proactively and comprehensively.

Firms including Pest Control Berkshire have unmarked vehicles and don’t have logos on their uniforms so discretion is guaranteed.

Please don’t experiment with DIY over the counter solutions because this places you, your family, pets and guests at risk. Only qualified and licensed experts have access to the optimum performance treatments and have expansive knowledge and experience to draw on.

Why would professionals exist if DIY methods worked excellently?


  • Bedding and mattresses must be removed and destroyed pre-treatment.
  • Furniture must be relocated prior to bedbug infestation treatment.
  • Normally, pest control teams ask the occupants to leave the property as treatment is delivered.
  • 2-3 applications of insecticide are often required.
  • Treatment takes around 4 hours.
  • The issue is addressed room by room.
  • Work from a reputable firm often carries a guarantee.
  • Data sheets for insecticides are given to the client for safety.
  • There are no shortcuts to bedbug eradication.

Is bad housekeeping to blame for bedbug infestations?

Bedbugs mean the bed is dirty, don’t they? No. That’s a misconception so please banish it.

There is no need to be ashamed or feel that your housekeeping is substandard.

Bad housekeeping is not the primary cause of a bedbug infestation’s arrival. They are exceptional travellers and can survive long haul flights so it is not unusual for commercial premises to suffer from them due to the flow of people using their beds. People returning from UK holidays can just as easily transport them in to their home, as can pets.

However, good housekeeping is recommended so that opportunities are limited for bedbugs to move in and thrive.

Bedbug infestations do not carry diseases, this is a myth. However, a person can suffer an allergic reaction to bites; medical attention is required in these instances.

Peace of mind can only be delivered through professional pest control services. Call a leading firm today.

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