How to Add More Space to Your Home

There was a time when most families looked for homes with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and they didn’t put much thought into anything else. Times have changed so much since that was the standard for so many homes. Families are growing. Couples are having more than two kids and need more bedrooms, many people work from home or run their own business from home and need a home office, and many people are looking for additional features such as open concepts and over-size garages. Standard houses are no longer standard, and many people are looking to improve what they have to meet their needs. If you’re looking for more space, there are a few ideas you can implement in your home improvement plans.

Add an Office

If you work from home, you need a home office. If you can’t take over a bedroom, you can add an office to your home. New construction is an option, but so is the idea of portable cabins. These are those amazing cabins you see with their own front porches. They are often used for storage, outdoor office space, and even additional living space like a man cave or a playroom. It’s a great concept for you if you don’t have space or the budget for new construction or an addition to your home.

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Expand with Outdoor Living Space

If you want more living space, consider moving outdoors to find it. It’s not always easy to find room to add on to your home, and it’s not an inexpensive feat. If you have outdoor space, make it an extension of your house. Add pocket sliders, French doors, and make it homey. A pergola keeps it shady, an outdoor kitchen makes it more functional, and the right furniture can change the game. There’s a lot you can do with outdoor living space to make your home feel larger.

Go Up

Sometimes you want to spend the money and add on to your home. If you find you don’t have space to add on due to easements and property lines, why not consider going up? A builder can help you figure out how to make your home a two-story home so you can add ample space without re configuring too much of your first floor. Adding to your house using an upstairs concept might seem intimidating, but the right contractor can help you figure out the logistics of this situation in a way that’s easily understandable and functional.

Another way to add more space to your home is through your own creativity. Consider how you can make changes to your home that allow you to maximize the space you already have. Try customizing your closets with shelves and other systems so you can add more storage. Add cabinets under your kitchen shelves along the floor for more storage rather than allowing it to be wasted space. You have options, and these are just a few of the simplest ideas for adding more space to your home when you want to improve your space.

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