Gravel and Paving, a match made in garden heaven.

When choosing paving you need to be conscious of the other landscaping materials being set around it such as gravel, cobbles and turf.

For example:

  • Will a red hued paving with black gravel look too severe? Do you want a gothic look?
  • Would you like a stark or warm feel in your outdoor space? Buff maintains a warm aesthetic appeal whilst white gravel can add sharpness like snow on the landscape.
  • Are you happy to mix the characters of materials? E.g. Thames Valley Flint Moonstone Gravel with Modak Indian Sandstone.
  • Do you have small paving slabs that will be dwarfed by 20mm gravel?
  • Will pea shingle suit the area around your paving or would larger angular gravel look more vigorous?
  • Can you place a granite statue on a limestone gravel path in a Mediterranean themed garden which you’d like to place slate paving in? Is this too varied?
  • Are there landscaping materials which compliment or are almost the same for unification?
  • Where can you inject character in your garden?
  • Do you want greater focus to be on the gravel or the paving?

UK gravel suppliers are experts at matching and contrasting paving stones because they often have years of experience, product knowledge and customer reviews at hand to be able to inform you, a new client with confidence and conviction.

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It’s helpful to know that the colours in sandstone are determined by the level of iron oxides and impurities and so this paving can be white, red, yellow and orange to gold, purple, grey or green with any number of hues.

Happily the wide range of international and UK gravels stocked by landscaping firms

like Rivar Sand and Gravel can facilitate any colour scheme, theme or design criteria. Let your imagination run free!

Some ideas to help the creativity planning of your perfect garden:

  • If you have a concrete driveway or path that is, to put it kindly, bland but functional why not contact gravel suppliers for a way to inject colour, shape and texture in to the space.
  • If you have slate paving and white dolomite gravel this instantly gives a monochrome scheme to the garden.
  • 10mm brown gravel set against wooden decking or furniture will blend beautifully and add a natural character to an outdoor leisure space.
  • Green basalt, available in a 20mm gravel bulk bag is excellent against slate, black or beige porcelain paving and contrasts warmly against golden sandstone.
  • Grey limestone with grey concrete paving will need a splash of colour so the choice is whether to bring this to the outdoor area with planting or to have mixed UK gravel which is comprised of black, white, grey and brown.
  • Flamingo gravel is white, blue, pink and quartz stone available from UK gravel suppliers. Quartz sparkles in sunlight and works excellently with almost any subtle paving.

There’s so much choice, almost any conceivable scheme can be accommodated by paving and gravel.

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